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Knit Tea Cozy

I just bought a tea set from Target with some of my Christmas Money. It is a little one person set with a little red kettle, a mini tea pot, and a tea cup that fits underneath it. So cute. The tea pot does a good job of keeping my tea warm for a long time, but I am an exceptionally slow tea drinker so I thought it might need a little sweater. Especially because I keep the apartment pretty cold after I received my last electric bill. This also fits onto a standard mug size and will help keep it cozy too. That’s why it is a tea cozy and not a tea pot or tea cup cozy, it should fit around both. Just measure your cup’s circumference and cast on more or less stitches by multiples of 4 (to preserve the chart). This fits a 13 inch circumference mug/teapot.


Download the pattern here (pdf).

Techniques used:
color changes
working two colors at the same time

Yarn requirements: 25 grams of a main color, a contrasting color, and a second contrasting color
3 small buttons

I’m putting new things in the shop about every day this week, so make sure to check in on it.

Edited in: When I went to update it tonight I realized that it was just getting too long, so I divided it up. I have updated the pattern archive so each technique section has it’s own page. Hooray!

I will also be adding some drawings to my new shop soon, I’ll let you know when I get it all set up. I have set things up and added a couple of drawings that are super cute. You can check them out here: Kristin Roach: Shop. There is a permanent link to the shop on my blog, Kristin Roach: Blog.

Have a super happy crafty week!

See you soon!
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