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Knit Tea Cozy

I just bought a tea set from Target with some of my Christmas Money. It is a little one person set with a little red kettle, a mini tea pot, and a tea cup that fits underneath it. So cute. The tea pot does a good job of keeping my tea warm for a long time, but I am an exceptionally slow tea drinker so I thought it might need a little sweater. Especially because I keep the apartment pretty cold after I received my last electric bill. This also fits onto a standard mug size and will help keep it cozy too. That’s why it is a tea cozy and not a tea pot or tea cup cozy, it should fit around both. Just measure your cup’s circumference and cast on more or less stitches by multiples of 4 (to preserve the chart). This fits a 13 inch circumference mug/teapot.


Download the pattern here (pdf).

Techniques used:
color changes
working two colors at the same time

Yarn requirements: 25 grams of a main color, a contrasting color, and a second contrasting color
3 small buttons

I’m putting new things in the shop about every day this week, so make sure to check in on it.

Edited in: When I went to update it tonight I realized that it was just getting too long, so I divided it up. I have updated the pattern archive so each technique section has it’s own page. Hooray!

I will also be adding some drawings to my new shop soon, I’ll let you know when I get it all set up. I have set things up and added a couple of drawings that are super cute. You can check them out here: Kristin Roach: Shop. There is a permanent link to the shop on my blog, Kristin Roach: Blog.

Have a super happy crafty week!

See you soon!
++Kristin Roach++


18 thoughts on “Knit Tea Cozy

  1. Very nice! And a good alternative to the plethora of teapot cozy patterns. Casting on to make one for my sister. She bought herself a very similar set. When I showed her how to properly brew tea, I mentioned that I would make her a cozy. So thanks for helping me to keep my promise!

  2. Oh good! I’m glad you all like it! I’ve been using mine everyday and it’s holding up really nice.

  3. What kind of yarn did you use? Should it be 100% wool or will a blend do? It’s very cute. :)

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