Knit Tea Cozy Free Pattern

For the next addition of the Pattern Archive Restoration project, I present the Knit Tea Cozy. It’s not just for tea pots, it can also work for nice big 13″ circumference tea mugs. Knitted way back in 2008… I still find this little cozy immensely useful, cheerful, and cozy! Made for a Tea-for-One tea set, it fits well on a large mug or any other small pot.

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Tea Cozy Knitting Pattern

by Kristin M Roach

Originally publish 01/05/2008

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I’ve dug it up and put it all straight into the original post. But, if you’d like a tablet or printer friendly pdf version and to support this and other Craft Leftovers patterns finding their way back online… You can also support the Craft Leftovers pattern archive restoration project by purchasing the printer-friendly version in the Craft Leftovers Shop or Etsy or Ravelry for instant download.

Knit tea cozy with three cute vinate buttons

What’s the Craft Leftovers Pattern Archive Restoration Project?

Well, long story short: Back in 2013 shortly after my book was released and when I was very pregnancy with Lucy, Craft Leftovers was hacked and my server was wiped — which included my back ups. 7 years of work… gone Fast forward to 2019 and Jason being awesome. He found a very old hard drive that had everything we needed and he was able to reboot it. But you can’t reboot over 7 years of content without hiccups. The main one being any pattern with a PDF was lost.

This summer I hired a studio assistant (visual arts student from Iowa State University) and they are helping me slog through, find, edit, reformat and rerelease the over 100 free patterns that are in the archive.

Now until it’s done I’ll be re-releasing
a pattern every Thursday morning.

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Kristin M Roach