Knitting Basket Breakdown :: Part III

I was planning on getting this posted yesterday, but it took 6 hours of handwork on this great little guy and it’s was around 12:30 when I finished up. I thought it would just be like 2 hours of hand sewing, oh how I underestimate things like that. So here I am next day, haha. And TA DA! Done! Isn’t it cute!

I found this great fabric in my stash that I think is actually from the 70’s and then the liner is an old table cloth. It was a really neat construction method actually and I was able to do machine sew the liner completely. You see the pockets are done like this:

And the liner goes together like this:

The outside of the bag was less complicated, but needed to be sewn directly to the frame, so I machines stitched all the edges that wouldn’t been later sewn into a seam and then got to work stitching it all together:

And then I dropped in the liner and stitched that to the outer part of the knitting basket:

And finished!

This basket is so nice and I’m so happy I took the time to fix it up. Do you see how tall and proud it stands? I have the same amount of things in there – the beret hat from knit scene (pattern I wrote, but I sent them the first one so I’m making one for myself), sock project, fingerless mittens, 2 scarves, temari ball, embroidery sampler – and it looks nice and not overflowing. Perfect!

I was going to make a pattern for this, and maybe I will still, but not for this week, it’s kind of hard to explain how everything goes together, but maybe I just did most of the hard work with those little drawings above, hmmm. I’ll think about it, maybe I will write up a pattern for it. I promise to give it a good try anyway, how’s that, hehe.

So I can’t believe I forgot to mention it, but I had a project on Craftzine for the crafting with nature series! Go check that out here.

And I posted about a new collage/postcard series, my perfect sweater, and my new bike trailer over on Kro Studio blog if you want to go give that a look.

I’m going to post a little something something later tonight. I’m going to go hang out with my friend Sarah and we are going to try our hands at fusing some plastic bags! I can’t wait, it’s going to be fun!

See you all soon!

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  1. That’s just brilliant! I commented on an earlier post that I’d redone a couple of these myself but I never took the time to write up a tutorial. I’m bookmarking to share the next time someone asks about my bag!

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