Maker’s Faire :: Come Sew with Me!


I’m happy to share the great news with you that

Craft Leftovers and the Sewing Rebellion will be co-hosting a workshop at the Maker’s Faire!

It will be all about mending, learning to sew, making sewn projects! There will be demos every hour on sewing and mending skills. Stop by any time to ask Sewing Questions, work on a project, or check out a demo! There will be fabric, buttons, sewing machines all provided, but feel free to bring your own project to work on too! Think of it as a Sewing Rebellion at the Maker’s Faire with some Craft Leftovers thrown into the mix – patterns and how to’s, leftover sewing materials on site to play with.

It will be such a great time! I hope to see you there if you are in the area and plan on going to the faire. It is not to be missed, that is for sure!

ReMake America Maker Faire

I do need your help though to make this workshop at the Maker’s Faire a Success!

There are many ways you can help:

1. Zipper Donations – zippers are always in high demand and we will hopefully be using a lot of them, do you have an old zipper or two, or even a whole box? Send them to Craft Leftovers, 217 Welch Ave #101, Ames, IA 50014. I can pay for postage, just email me at kristin[at]craftleftovers[dot]com to arrange shipping. They need to arrive by May 24th.

2. Sewing Machines – if you live in the Bay Area and have an extra machine, we sure could use two more for the workshop – we have two lined up, but two more would be really nice in case we have a break down or (as we hope) more than two people want to be sewing at the same time! Please email me at kristin[at]craftleftovers[dot]com to arrange the pick up/return of your machine in the area.

3. Airfare and lodging – Unfortunately, the fact is that while it’s free to be in the Maker’s Faire, flying and lodging can get pricy and I need all the help I can get actually getting out the Faire and having a place to stay. Oh and does anyone know a good place to stay that’s under $100 a night around/in San Mateo, California – that’s where the Maker’s Faire is technically.

All Donations from now until the Faire will go towards that trip. I really need your help with this, and not to seem like a big whiner, but my hospital visit last month ate up all my savings that I had built up for this trip.

4. Crafting while in town – I’m gong to be in town for a full week after the Faire! Do you want a Craft Leftovers workshop for your craft group? Maybe a Q&A at your sewing shop on mending? What about a trouble shooting at your yarn store or knit group? I would love to meet you, just email me and we can have some crafty fun while I’m on the West Coast. Any good knitting groups I could crash that week and hang out at? Haha. I will miss mine here in Ames :)

5. Ideas! – Like above, I’m going to be in town for a full week after the Faire, what should I do? What’s your favorite Bay Area yarn store, thrift shop, gallery, diy space, that is not to be missed? Any good openings at gallery’s that first week of June? Please please please let me know. Yes I want to go to museums and the zoo – but what are the great little gems of the town that should make sure to get to?


I’m so excited and nervous and can’t wait! I hope to see at least a few of you there! Come and introduce yourself – I’ll make some craft leftovers silk screen patches to hand out too, so make sure to get your hands on one while you are there!

Have a good day! See you all on the flip side (tomorrow),


2 thoughts on “Maker’s Faire :: Come Sew with Me!

  1. I’ll be there too, so stop by.

    In terms of must see places in the Bay Area, I would go to Needle in a Haystack in Alameda, CA across the Bay. It’s an amazing needlework store, covering everything, embroidery, cross stitch, needlepoint, and lots more.

    It has the biggest selection of threads of just about any store I’ve seen and is quite simply wonderful.

    And if you go at lunchtime, about a block away is East Ocean one of the best dim sum places in SF.

    Keep Stitching,

  2. You were asking about things to do and see in the bay area. I suggest taking in the William Kentridge exhibit at SFMOMA. Film, drawing, prints, collage, theater, etc. Highly creative.

    Additionally, I would recommend Article Pract yarn store in Oakland (near Rockridge BART station). Small store, contemporary fiber, and fun. While there, check out Bakesale Betty’s and Dona Tomas (dinner).

    Will look for you at Maker Faire. Enjoy! Tammy

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