Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts – Amigurumi

DSC_0008DSC_0001I’ve had the desire to learn how to crochet amigurumi for quite some time. I keep imagining all the cut little softies to be made and had and how great it would be for little scraps and just so cute. So cute all the time.

I have picked up and put down Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts Amigurumi several times now and two weeks ago, I did something I haven’t done in awhile. I bought a new book. It was impulsive I have to admit, but it was on sale and under $10. And I love it! I’m already finished up with my first bear head.


The book starts out with a great explanation on how to read the directions. It goes over eyes to used, embroidery stitches, yarns, hooks, and of course bells, squeakers and stuffing.

Then the next section explains how to put together your little amigurumi animals as well as the designer’s process of creating them in general.


The instructions are clear and easy to follow:


The inside flap has a nice little summery that I think is just perfect:

“Amigurumi animals are as fun to make as the word is to pronounce! With this irresistible collection of more than 20 projects, you’ll learn how to create the small crocheted creatures that have become the hottest global craft craze. Coming to you straight from Japan, they’re quirky and cuddly and just begging to be made.

And it’s true, they are 20 projects that are just begging to be made. I have my favorite ones picked out and Jason does too. They work up pretty quickly, so I just can’t wait to finish my first little bear.



If like me you have been interested in Amigurumi animals for awhile, but haven’t taken the plunge yet, this book would be great to pick up.


In other bookish news, I’ve put together a little Amazon book shop for Craft Leftovers. Basically to put all the books that I’ve reviewed and liked in one place. And since I did that I was like “Well, I should put more books in there in other categories.” So I did. There isn’t much, but I figure I’ll just add things as we go along. Go check out the Craft Leftovers Reading Room.

Also I finished editing photos for the shop yesterday and added some kits (hooray!) and I put the Halloween Catnip pillows on sale, so pick one up for just $3.50. Oh and I added some more fabric and a new yarn type for dyeing in Green Prairie Fibers. There are just 2 items left for auction on ebay, so go check that out for some good deals. I’m going to dig around for some more craft goodies and other things to put up to help me stash bust and clear our this apartment


I also have some pretty amazing news as far as the knitting machine goes. So a woman in the area who I met at the lys knit group awhile back saw the post and contacted me. She has one, and we bartered for it! Very much so in the way I repaid Alice A. for my sewing machine that she so kindly donated to my cause.



I picked it up after dinner tonight and got going on it right away. I knit this:


Not too big, but I now know how to use it so that’s a good step in the right direction. I don’t want to get too into it right this second because I’m taking a spinning class right now. I figure I’ll get spinning down and then I’ll start going nuts on the knitting machine, haha.

Have a great day and Happy Crafting!


6 thoughts on “Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts – Amigurumi

  1. That book looks awesome! I wonder if my library has it…and don’t you have just the cutest little ferret ever :)

  2. Yay for a ferret photo! Kitty gets most the face time on CL, it’s nice to see you mix it up a little. ;)

  3. Haha, that’s because most of the time I have to lock them in their cage while I’m working because they are always stealing my craft stuff! That or they are already sleeping. Molly on the other hand tends to just put her whiskers in all I’m doing, or sleeping on my lap purring while I type. I should put on the about page pictures of them as part of the CL Studio Team. I wonder if I could get them all together for a photo op… doubtful.

  4. Good book suggestion! I’ve been learning to crochet just so I could make those cuties. Right now all I keep making are the heads out of the patterns, I can’t seem to finish anything yet.

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