Lady Moss Mittens

I usually start the summer to fall to winter layering with fingerless glove, a light scarf, and a jacket or thick sweater. Then it goes to a hat, thicker scarf, full gloves, and a medium coat. Now I’m moving into the winter coat, thick wool hat, long warm scarf, and thick mittens. There is only one issue. Last late winter early spring I lost my mittens! What is a girl to do? Well how about whip up some new ones with some stash yarn. I’m feeling particularly cold this year and wanted some extra warmth. My friend had just told me about this technique called thrumming. Perfect! Lets give that a shot too. I must say I really enjoy them, they are super warm and really cute to boot! The neat thing is that as you wear the mittens, the roving will felt and it will make a super warm, somewhat water proof mitten. Hooray! Perfect for any lady in the winter.

Summary of updates:
++Email me about having your ad for your indie business on the Craft Leftovers blog
++Shop update tonight and the remainder through out the week
++6 Craft Leftovers Monthly subscriptions available
++I’m taking next weekend off pattern writing to update the server and blog and back everything up

Updates in detail:
I don’t know if anyone noticed or not, but there was a google ad up in the sidebar for about one evening…. I didn’t like it. I took it down. Instead I’m going to offer really affordable ad space for indie crafter’s businesses/blogs/websites and events. I’ve had to set up a new server account for hosting patterns and need to raise some money to cover the new costs. So if you are interesting in advertising with Craft Leftovers, just email me at for information on rates and whatnot. Send me a link to your site too. I really want to keep the ads on here ethical and independent crafter/artist based. Stuff that I think you all would like to know about and not be annoyed by.

Because it took longer than I though to get the pattern up, I’m running behind on the shop update… which I think all started by having clm go out late. Crazy how these things just pile up. But all is not lost. I’m going to work really hard on getting all the product shots taken and edited today. I will post as much as I can tonight and then the rest during the week. The goal is to have it completely updated by this Saturday. There is a lot of stuff. It’s going to be the most variety of kits and handmade gifts that I will have had in the shop at any one time.

There are still 6 November Craft Leftovers Monthly issues available, you can get yours here. I’ve decided to just leave them up until the next issue goes on sale. I mean, heck, why not.

I’m going to take next week off. Well, kind of anyway, not off craft leftovers, just no pattern. I’m going to go through and set up the new server as well as convert all the old patterns into pdfs (finally). And also back everything up onto an external hard drive so I can avoid what happened back in August.

Have a great week everyone! I’ll post again during the week to let you know the progress of the shop updates and whatnot.


8 thoughts on “Lady Moss Mittens

  1. Nope, not yet, but it’s in the mix. It might not make it’s way out onto the site until the Fall though since we are making our way out of mitten season (hopefully!). There is a fingerless crochet mitten pattern, you can find it in the free pattern archive under crochet.

  2. This is wonderful. Thanks so much for posting this pattern. My fingers will never freeze again!

    For the person who asked about crocheted thrummed mittens, go to They have a crochet thrummed mitten pattern in a recent magazine.

  3. i have desperately looking for a free pattern for a thrummed sweater.
    i have found tons of mitt patterns and lots of socks, slippers and hats.

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