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I was delighted to receive Rejuvenated Jewels in my mail box about a week and a half ago. I was going to post about it right away, but I wanted to give the book a little time to ferment and get a real feel for it.

You can check in on the Author’s,Amy Hanna’s, blog here and also make sure to check out her etsy shop here.

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It definitely has an old European feel to it and even features a whole section on French Inspirations – which I particularly liked, I’m a sucker for anything inspired by that country.

The Getting Started chapter gives a nice quick intro on some basic tools and techniques for making your old jewelry new again. What I particularly enjoyed was the section on different types of beads, jewels, findings and found objects that can be harvested for use in your projects – it really made me think about what I had tucked away in my jewelry box that might make a great set of earrings or bracelet.


There is a lot on how to spot good and bad stones, prepping found objects, and what tools do what. I would have liked more along those lines – but – I know that subject could be a whole book onto itself and at 127 pages she really packed this book with good information and inspirations – so I’m not disappointed or disproving on that point :) Maybe a Book #2 by this fine author?

And the main thing is the projects in this book – there are 35 in all with alternatives/substitutes/tips for just about every single one. I really like all the different ways that she incorporates clasps, beads and found objects into her projects. These are some of my favorites, all for their own reason.


I have a necklace very similar to this and really liked the idea of adding in a pendant to change the feel of it some. Honestly, as it is in my jewelry box, I never wear it because it’s too fancy. Maybe I could incorporate something that would dress it down a bit?


In this one I really like the use of so many different chain/beads/stones in just one necklace. And that image of Marie is just so neat.


In several of her projects she uses little clasping lockets to store hidden treasures, pictures, souvenirs. I love little hidden pockets and surprises.


The mix of contemporary and antique in this piece really fascinated me.


These two projects (above and below) seem like something very interesting and appropriate for the time. We all know someone who has lost a loved one or have lost someone close to us.  In my case a Grandpa who left many metals from his time in World War II – for some it’s important to preserve them as is, but for me, I really like the idea of making a piece of jewelry from them that I cold keep close to me at all times.



And then I just love earrings. I really would have liked to see more earring projects in the books – as those are the most readily accessible project for me and a good intro project in general.

Rejuvenated Jewels – New Designs from Vintage Treasures by Amy Hanna is due out for Release March 1st – so check your local books stores for copies next week – or ask that they carry it.

“If anyone ever wondered what to do with their grandmother’s old jewelry, Rejuvenated Jewels (Quarry Books, March 2009/ $24.99 hardcover) has the fabulous answer. In this book, author Amy Hanna, explains how to create stunning, one-of-a- kind earrings, necklaces, and bracelets using vintage jewelry, beads, and artifacts.

Amy Hanna has appeared on television craft shows and is highly sought-after teacher at industry shows.  Her jewelry has been featured in a variety of magazines and can be found in private collections around the globe.  Amy currently lives in Southern California with her husband and three children. “

I have a few random things I want to post about, so I’ll be back later with some links and pictures. In the meantime, I tried spinning the newspaper yesterday and posted a couple of pictures on Kro Studio. I’m working up to a full post here, so just random tid bits for now over there :)

Happy Crafting!
++Kristin Roach++

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  1. I think the beauty of art will always be appealing. You cannot walk into any home across the continent where the walls are bare. Paintings, photographs and other forms of art adorn the walls, the cabinets and the tables around the home. A large market exists for the artist with the right flair and the eye for what appeals to today’s craft show goer!

  2. The on the cover of the book reminds me so much of my grandmother’s that she passed down to me. I love recycled jewelry! I can’t wait to see what other pieces are created by loved one’s heirlooms.

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