Will you be a Craft Leftovers Buddy?


In the past, I’ve reached out to you to help correct a pattern, give feedback on the blog, and things of that sort. You have always come through and it is so appreciated! Sometimes I get stuck and it’s wonderful to have more eyes on the issue at hand.

I’m looking to improve things around here, and I’ll need your help more often. It could range from feedback on the archive to testing out a new kit. It could even be to submit test orders to figure out where errors are popping up in the shop.


CL’s First Ever Online Editor: Introducing Karen!

Most likely, you haven’t noticed a major change here on Craft Leftovers this past month. No one notices when there are no glaring spelling and grammar errors. But, I’m sure in the past you have been slapped in the face while reading a CL post with a horrifically spelled word or phrased […]

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Sewing Pattern: Laundry Bags

I got these plastic bags for christmas and opted to repurpose them as laundry bags. After load 6, they started to rip. It turns out that being made for soft plush light weight pillows = not being able to hold a bazillion pounds of laundry.

All the same, I loved the simple structure of the bags. It would be a snap to whip up more bags made out of more sturdy fair. And, taking a little inspiration from a Target bag, I added a flap with a snap so I can fold them up for storage and keep them in The Laundry Loader I made last year. Once it gets warm again, I think I’ll even stencil the washing symbols on each bag. :)


Maker’s Faire :: Come Sew with Me!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I’m happy to share the great news with you that Craft Leftovers and the Sewing Rebellion will be co-hosting a workshop at the Maker’s Faire! It will be all about mending, learning to sew, making sewn projects! There will be demos every hour on sewing and mending skills. Stop […]


So Sad :: Knit Basket Breakdown

I’m facing giving my knitting basket a face lift. Very similar to the story here on Vintage Knitting, my basket is old and broken down and it doesn’t stand up (I have it propped open between the couch and the side table, nice right?). But I really like it. It […]