Makin’ it to the Maker Faire

Today was set up day at the Maker Faire and for Frau Fiber and I it went off without a hitch. Are booth was all set up and ready to go in under an hour – which ment we had the rest of the day to do whatever we pleased.

I was able to walk all around and meet and greet and look and wander and take a load of photos.


I actually troubleshooted the sewing machine by making a tote out of a sleeve we had on hand. It was super handing for carrying mini zines, business cards and issues of clm – not to mention all the goodies I picked up from other makers. It was just the right size. I will put together a quick tutorial for you all when I get back to Ames on how to make one.


Lego town. Love it!


Nicest lady ever! I was really excited to see that Absolutely Small had a booth and even more excited to catch her while setting up. Look for an interview and more coming up in the next months. Those little chick pants – so freaking cute! No to menion all the other overly cute plushies on her table… oh and cards, she has cards of them too, I really need to get my hands on one to send to my friend Carolyn of Stitch Candy.


This stuck out because the credit card sign is freaking appliquéd! Awesome! Not to mention the wallets are awesome too.



You see that? That is mouse trap on the table. And then you see that? That is mouse trap on a human sized scale! I guess it’s been at the maker faire before, but I hadn’t seen it so it was totally amazing to me.


Enter into a little wood box and what do I see? I get to be a creep-o and spy on everyone in the surrounding area by pulling on a mysterious rope and turning the camera obscure. You can change the focal length by rotating the circle it projects onto.


Enter the flame tossing around snale. So crazy huge and when they triggered the fire it got HOT! Even from 15 feet away.


Oh and hello there you. Hehe. Just loads of fun.


And dinner. Yum yum yum. So delicous and beautiful – until I devoired it all into mush in my tummy.

I’m totally going to bed. I’ll post more pictures tomorrow night. I decided to save the pattern post for monday, so that will be up then. It’s actually a new pattern, not just a rerelease.

See you all tomorrow – at the faire or here on the blog-o!


5 thoughts on “Makin’ it to the Maker Faire

  1. It sounds and looks like you are having a great time meeting and greeting. Good luck today with all your demos.

  2. Oh, it looks like you’re having so much fun! What was for dinner? It looks amazing. I’m jealous and pining for an east coast faire. Boston, anyone?

  3. We miss you back in Iowa! But, we are all excited about your new adventure…and the mouse trap is rockin’. It seems silly to say this but just keep having a blast…I know you WILL! Hazzah!

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