Maker Faire :: Making Amends with Mending!

Hi all! I am about to embark on the adventure of a life time! Onward to the Maker’s Faire. I have so many exciting things to tell you about.

First off, about my part at the Maker’s Faire. I am co-hosting a workshop/demo booth with the founder of the Sewing Rebellion. Craft Leftovers and the Sewing Rebellion Unite!

We will have instruction sets, supplies, and sewing machines on hand so you make, mend, or alter a project – so if you have some clothes that need mending or fixing, just bring them along with you and we will get them all fixed up.

From Craft Leftovers:

Pencil Clutch
Reusable Tea Bags
Cloth Napkins – not yet published
Maker’s Apron
Mending on the Go

From the Sewing Rebellion:

Button Instructions
Rolled Hem Instructions
Penny Pincher Zippered Pouch
East German Market Bag
Table Cloth Circle Skirt

And we will also be doing demos just about every hour! A few select projects from the list + Mending 101! Learn to patch up, stitch up, sew on, darn, and fix your clothes, bags, accessories, and more!

And, because I am so happy to meet you, I will be giving away issues of the June issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly! I made 100 for each day! And if you can not make by in time for that, don’t despair! I have made up a ton of Mending on the GO mini zines to give away too!

That’s what we were assembling all day Sunday and Monday :)

Plus on Saturday and Sunday at 5:30pm, we will be doing out demos on the Craft Stage! Mending 101 comes to you!

Participating in this great event is so exciting! I can’t wait to get there. And even more I can’t wait for the time after the faire. I’ve extended my stay until June 10th! Mostly I’m going to wander around, putz, knit, draw, take loads of pictures. And meet up with new friends and old, family and readers!


Now, some fun other things for while I’m away.

Firstly: On the blog

I’m going to be taking a ton of photos and will post them each day or so (not all, but a select few). + I’m going to be going to some great thrift shops and meeting some fun crafty people so I’ll make sure to tell you all about that too.

And I’m looking so guest bloggers, so if you want to send me an idea on a post that you want to write up, or a project you’ve done and we can post it while I’m away.

Second: In the shop

I have decided to leave all my shops open and for anyone who orders while I’m away, they will be refunded 15% of their total order or get free shipping (whichever gives you the better deal). The only stipulations are that you have to place your order AND pay between May 28th and June 10th. All orders will be sent out on Friday, June 13th. So this goes not just for Craft Leftovers, but Green Prairie Fibers and Kro Studio too!

Third: Craft Leftovers Monthly!

The July issue will be going on sale June 15th, shortly after I return. So make sure to keep a head’s up for it :)

And Forth and Fifth: The Mailing List and Archive

Good news! The mailing list is back up and running! Hooray! You can sign up again in the side bar, easy peasy. And the archive is completely updated! All the patterns, how-to’s, and tutorials are all current and up to date. So make sure to go take a browse though.

And I think that is all the main points! I have a pattern rerelease scheduled for Friday so that will come up on it’s own. No post tomorrow. I’ll post about the maker’s faire on Saturday and Sunday and then after that it will be a little random until I get back. The first offical post when I get back will be on Monday, June 15th. It will give me a little time to get orders sent out, Craft Leftovers Monthly set up for the shop, and get some good sleep :)

Have a great night and see some of you soon!
Kristin Roach

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  1. Those are great ideas about the on-site mending and craft leftovers. Good luck with setting up shop and everything!

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