Maker Faire :: Rounding Up the Weekend

The original plan was to post each day, but honestly, I was so exhausted at the end of each day that I just came home and passed out. It was a ton of fun and I want to share that with you now that I’ve recovered.

We changed up the set up late on Saturday when we saw the booth next to us wasn’t going to be occupied and it was like we had opened shop for the first time. So neat how moving a table can instantly welcome people in. A constant flood of people were coming by to sew and browse and chat. It was such a good flow of people, just the right amount in fact.



Zippered Penny Pincher adorned with a SR patch.


A family sewing effort (came back the next day to finish up too!)


Frau Fiber explaining away.


Josh sewed this awesome tote bag out of a sleeve! Super awesome!


This creative participant took the sleeve idea to the next level and made a pants backpack! i would have never thought of that, so neat!


Our first taker on the East German Shopping Tote – learn those sewing skills.


Finally, Frau Fiber and I together!


And then outside for a bit of a break, neat things going on:


Scrap necklace, awesome!


A great shirt mix up and redo!



Diane of the CraftyPod and Rachael of Average Jane Crafter


Me and Diane.


Rachael and me – maybe we should have just gotten a picture with the three of us, haha.


We had some great help with the Rebellion on Sunday – very awesome!


So many people making great thing!


Sewing Demos on the CRAFT stage, we took turns teaching people to mend.


And then I came home and slept for 11 hours, haha. In many ways I feel like my stay in San Francisco is really just starting. It’s been a blast. I met so many great people at the Faire and now I’m meeting so many great people here in town.

In many ways I feel like all the many people came by, but then, on the other hand, i did give away all 200 zines plus about 400 of the Mending on the Go zine! So that right there tells me the mass of the people flowing by. So wonderful.

If I met you at the faire, it was so nice to meet you and welcome to Craft Leftovers – the blog all about making with what you have on hand!

Best wishes and Happy Crafting!
Kristin Roach

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  1. Looks like great fun! Have a great time with the rest of your trip! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. AWESOME! Totally diggin’ the pics. Have fun on the rest of your trip and let us know how things are going…miss you lots!!! See you soon!

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