Shoe Sensations :: Fixing Button Holes

I’ve had a hard time with shoes because while I don’t like them to be complete plastic, I’m excessively allergic to leather of any kind when it comes to my feet. It’s really bad and I’m not going to share with you a gross foot story. it’s not fun. Enough said. So I avoid leather like the plegue and I don’t mind this so much since I don’t really care for the idea of it anyway. Finding nice dress shoes has been a problem though and when I got the job at Stam I really needed some shoes I could wear to both work and just around in general. I found the perfect pair of shoes though, and I the shoe shop here in town happened to carry them.  I love the shoes I purchased from Lazy M Shoes – my Simple shoes. They are hemp with a coconut button clasp, tires for soles, and wool felt for the inner.


I’m starting to have a problem now though with the strap, it’s completely stretching out and the shoes are starting to slip off on a regular basis. A particular pain when I’m walking through a dew soaked field in the morning or when riding my bike and all of a sudden – woops, there goes my shoe. Not fun, not safe.

It’s an easy fix though, just tighten up that strap by moving that button hole up just a touch and making it a bit smaller. This is a common issue for bags with button clasps as well as sweater button holes.

Here is how I fixed it:

::Moving the button hole to the right spot::

I like using a safety pin for marking off where to close up the button hole. Then I can make sure the button will so go in and out of the hole.


::Making it smaller::

I used a whip stitch to make it smaller, like so:


And just like that my shoes fit again! Fabulous! It’s things like fixing my shoes that make me so happy I’m a fixer and a maker. That I don’t just settle for having my shoes falling off, I fix them! It makes me feel really good.


That little illustration up there? That’s one of the drawings from the Mending on the Go mini book that everyone received with their May issue of CLM! I’m happy to report they are out the door and out the way to the various homes. Thank you so muc to everyone who ordered! I know you will just love this issue.

Back to the Mini book, I’m going to put a few in the shop tomorrow – it’s really mini mini so it will just be $1.00 and if ordered with anything else shipping will be free. I’m also going to add some Mending on the Go kits to the shop – and the coorsponding mini book will be included with it.

In other random news my studio assistant Craft Cat (Molly) had to go to the vet this morning. We got her teeth cleaned and all her shoots updated. They put her under and I’m not sure if they gave her too much – she is out of it. I told her I’m not giving her a paid vacation day since I had to foot the bill for the vet. She needs to stay away from that candy – or maybe the ferret food. I feel pretty bad for her she can hardly even sit up she’s still so doped up.

I did finally figure out what a good job is for her in the studio – she sucked at safety officer, manual labor, supervisor, all that – Moral Officer. That’s her job. She’s pretty good at it too and has found a nice spot on top of this pillow placed on top of the laser printer. She purrs pretty much all day while i”m working on things, haha.

Have a good night!
Keep it Crafty! Keep on Making and fixing things too!

3 thoughts on “Shoe Sensations :: Fixing Button Holes

  1. Hee hee hee! I hope Molly is back to normal so you have your Moral Officer – or maybe do you mean your Morale Officer – as in the one who keeps those spirits high? :)

  2. What a great little tutorial! Who among us doesn’t have a pair of shoes with this problem? And oh my, I *want* your shoes. :)

  3. Great fix! Love the illustration…you Rock! The shoes are super cute. Simple has great stuff.

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