Newspaper Yarn :: How To Link

I saw this while looking for Knitting Baskets or some such thing (I’m actually not sure how I came across this at all now that I think of it), but anyway, I found this great tutorial on how to spin yarn from newspaper using a drop spindle. Excellent! I really want to give this a shot! I wonder if it would work on a wheel or if that would twist it too much? Hmm, something to try for sure. So check it out by heading over Green Upgrader – oh and this was posted almost a year ago, so if you have seen this before nevermind, but if you are like me and seeing it for the first time or it’s the first time you’ve thought about it in a year, you will love it.

4 thoughts on “Newspaper Yarn :: How To Link

  1. I do remember seeing this on Craftzine(?) I loved the idea, but I wonder how strong it would be and how long it would last.

    Do share if you try it :-)

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