So Sad :: Knit Basket Breakdown

Oh so Sad - knit bag02 I’m facing giving my knitting basket a face lift. Very similar to the story here on Vintage Knitting, my basket is old and broken down and it doesn’t stand up (I have it propped open between the couch and the side table, nice right?). But I really like it. It was my grandma’s. I want to keep it around a few years longer.

Sad knit bag01

Now what to do with it? How to fix it? Can I just mend it? Can I give it a face lift with some new fabric? Can I get some doll rods to redo the bracing bars? I’m sure i could do any of these things really. And maybe I will. But before heading into this project, I want to get your advice. Should I add pockets? Should I use chain as in the post linked to above or maintain the fabric that was originally used?

Oh so Sad - knit bag02

I guess my main thing is should I retrofit it or should I restore it? You know what I mean? The fabric is is pretty good shape and it doesn’t smell or anything so I think I can keep that. It might need a new liner. What’s your first instinct about it?

Oh no! So Sad! knit bag03

Also, just out of curiosity and for seeds for future projects/tutorials, what’s your favorite knitting basket? What’s your favorite project basket? Do you use your knitting as a decorative motif or do you hide it away when not in use? Or like me, it’s just a pile where ever it ends up?

I found these neat knitting baskets on Flickr while I was hunting around for ideas:

Felted Sweater Yarn Basket

A Yarn Room – I’m so envious , I wish I could have a set up like this in my studio :)

Knitting Basket Cake – yum yum yum!

A Basket Knitting Basket – I love woven baskets – next on the list to try.

Yarn Basket – I bet you could crochet something like this in a snap.

9 thoughts on “So Sad :: Knit Basket Breakdown

  1. How about a divider for WIPs? Just a fabric separating flap in the center or something?
    If you wanted to update fully, you could do new fabric for the outside and a new lining, but I think that’s more of a preference thing (you could always add a patch or stripe of the original fabric in if you wanted to continue the legacy).

  2. I like the fabric of your basket, but if you’re feeling a little jaded, a new fabric would make a big difference.

    My yarn is just dumped where I can find room. Luckily I don’t have a lot (yet!) But even so, I’d love that yarn room too :-)

  3. I LOVE that kind of bag for my yarn! I’ve picked up several from thrift stores and recovered them for my friends, too. The old bag makes a great pattern. the lining is a necessity because the frame sits in between the bag and the lining.

    If you do decide to recover it, you’ll find that you will have to hand stitch bits of it, but it’s definitely worth it to have a spiffed up place for your knitting.

    I’ve had it in mind forever to do a makeover tutorial for one of these and I do wish I had now!

  4. Take everything out and repair. Then get another one or three and quit trying to fit EVERYTHING in one basket!

  5. Heehee, I’m guilty of trying to fit all my ufo’s in that one basket. Haha, I have to admit it. One step at a time though. Get the basket fixed, and then organized.

    If I could I would have a room like that one lady with big baskets above the shelves to put ufo’s in :) But alas, only room for one.

  6. When you figure it out, please blog about it. I have one of these (also my grandmother’s) and I have been trying to figure out how to spruce it up for some time now.

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