On Holiday

Well, as prompted by Carolyn here I am to give you a quick update on what has happened after the Maker Faire. You can read about all of it here on the Kro Studio Blog and you can see all the photos that are making up my trip here on Flickr.


It has been one thing after the next and even though I had every intention of “taking it easy” I have been running around the Bay Area from one thing to the next from about 8am to 9pm every day – sometimes later, sometimes earlier. Today I’m heading down to Clovis to visit my Great Aunt Rose and then to Redwood City to spend some time with my long lost cousin.


I’m working on a post for Monday Morning and will most likely post each day until Thursday. It’s been a great time and I’ve been all over the place – wandering around through china town, up to pier 39, then a cable car back down to the hostel. On Tuesday I went for a tour of Pacific Heights Masons and learned much about the city’s history. That afternoon Natalie from Craft and I got together for a bit and I met her sweet little Chole for the first time. Wednesday I went to the most amazing book store I’ve ever been to in my whole life, spent time with Natalie again, and came home and worked on things – I have so many photos to edit! Thursday was a walking tour around golden gate park, grocery shopping and then the Museum of Modern Art (amazing!). Yesterday a friend and I went on a tour of muir woods and 4 wineries. It was really nice – too much wine. By the end my taste buds were zapped. And then cheesecake from the cheesecake factory and then bed. And here I am.


Of course that’s more the facts than the story. But for that you will have to go to the Kro Blog – as me wandering around sf isn’t particularly craft related at this point. I have to admit, I have not been to one craft store! I have it penciled in on Tuesday, haha.

See you all soon!

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  1. I love SF – I am very envious of you. My husband and I talk about retiring to Northern California (we’re not even 40 yet) , it’s such a wonderful part of the world and was one of the best holidays we ever had.

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