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Su of Tangled Crafts is helping to keep Craft Leftovers nice and crafty while I’m out of town. She sent me this great template for using up your scraps of paper and bits of this and that. Here is what she says about it:

Here is “a template for making VERY easy envelopes out of scrap paper, or a self-mailer that meets US postal requirements (minimum 3.5″ x 5”).  I’ve been using it myself a lot, as it uses half the amount of paper as the origami envelopes I was making previously, and allows me to constructively re-use all the one-sided paper mis-prints my printer generates.  You could also use up one-sided junk mail, flyers
etc.  You could even use paper already printed on both sides (like the page of a magazine) and just add a label to the front, so that the postman can still read the mailing address! (but the template will print you handy boxes to fill in with addresses etc)

“As an alternative, you can use exactly the same template to make a self-mailer (an envelope with the letter written on the inside of the envelope, to save excess paper usage).  You would obviously need to use
paper that was blank on the inside, but could still use paper printed on the reverse, if you used a label for the address.”

I can’t wait to get home with my paper and glue and make up a few of these great envelope. I have so many scraps piling up and this is just the thing to make them new again.

Happy Crafting and Best Wishes!

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  1. That’s a really cool idea. Thanks for posting the pattern. I’m throwing a baby shower soon, maybe I will make my own envelopes for the invites!

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