Pictures and an Update

First off I want to thank everyone for the super nice comments that were left the past couple of days, it’s what makes posting these patterns worth it. Also, thanks for ordering more kits too! I’m super excited about the response they are getting.

Now I do have some bad news: I forgot three of my double pointed needles at Jason’s and won’t be able to do a retest knit of the pattern until later. I am rechecking the math and I think everything is okay, but let me know if it’s not.

Now the really bad news, Craft Leftovers won’t be in its first sale this month after all… boo! I just found out today that due to lack of vendor response it’s going to be canceled. I’m so disappointed, especially because last semester we had such a good response. The good news out of that though is that I know have a stock of 12 crocheted head wraps, 20 catnip pillows, and like 15 crocheted dish cloths that I will put into the store. I’ll be adding new items every couple of days so check back often. And the store won’t be closed for a week, so there is that too. I was just so excited about and am feeling let down. It’s okay though, there will be other sales. And of course there is the Renegade in the early Fall to look forward to. (hope we get in, there are only so many slots open).

Oh and of course, remember, no pattern this Friday. Until next time!

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