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I’m really depressed by this April winter that has interrupted my spring riding joy. Didn’t mother nature get the memo, winter was to end promptly on March 20th and spring to start March 21st! Anyway, regardless of missing memos I’m sure she will get around to it in the next week or so (fingers crossed here). And I’m going to be riding my bike all over kingdom come in the purest of spring delights. The breeze will be in my hair as I enjoy the excuse of grocery shopping to take a bike ride after class and/or work. Which brings me to the point of today’s (this evening’s/morning’s) pattern. I have a basket on my bike, which can be taken off, but with a lot of pain and suffering on the part of all parties involved, so how to know when the right amount is really too much to ride back with, without pain and suffering. A grocery tote to fit my basket is in order! I say, make your bag out of whatever you please, out of what will make your heart delight while filling it with books, groceries, flowers, or maybe even an abandoned kitten, well that’s just a bad idea, nix the kitten in the basket tote idea, I could just see hitting a bump and… well, I’m not going there… Flowers, flowers are nice in a basket tote. But on the hitting of bumps topic, I really despise outside pockets on a basket tote because well, hit a bump and there goes your keys/cell phone/wallet/kitten. No good. So this little guy has inside pockets… with buttons for keeping things in! And they expand more than just a straight flap through some fancy folding. So here he is, all ready to go for when it’s warm again. In the mean time, totally a knitting/lunch bag for work tomorrow.

Edited in the new pictures. It looks like until it gets warmer out the window is the best light in the place. Sorry about the extra delay in getting them up. There aren’t too many projects that I get really super excited about. But after carrying around this bag, I really do love it and recomend it not just for your bike, but just a nice go around too. I think the next one I make will be about an inch wider and an inch longer. That way i can fit folders and what not in there too. Have a good week! See you next time!

Hopefully I will get some outside shots tomorrow or Sunday and post those. Something that looks nice. I was thinking about just waiting until tomorrow to put in pictures so I would have better lighting, but for you night owls that might see this before I get a chance to add pictures, I wanted you to see what the completed bag looks like.

Also I’ve decided to start posting on Saturday morning instead of Friday night for three main reasons:
1. photo opertunities aren’t so great past dark, which is usually when i get things finished up.
2. I travel almost every weekend and Friday is the day I do the driving here to there, where as on Saturday I usually have as much time as I need to get things finished until about 2pm.
3. I’ve been trying to write more complicated patterns for at least 2 patterns a month (or at least complicted for me to write). I’m really trying to get better at this. And well, I’m needing more time to write/make the projects and breaking up the making time over Thurs and Friday and then writing and taking pictures Friday night/Saturday morning would be a great boon.

So that is that, patterns on Saturday by 2pm.

Oh and I’m making lots of headway re-writing past project sheets and turning them into pdf files. I’m think about offering them up on as downloads. They will be free, but any donations though the paypal side bar donate button would be greatly appreciated.

And, I have good news, kind of. After almost a year of Craft leftover projects I have downsized my various stashes. And in a way, it’s leading to problems and solutions of ever increasing resourceful usages. Which you will see in next week’s pattern. Oh that’s right, I am so working ahead! So some statistics for you all:
Starting yarn: two 29 quart rubbermaids, one comforter bag, 4 sheet set bags, various shopping bags…. I’m going to say about 3
Present yarn: one 29 quart rubbermaid, no comforter bag, 2 sheet set bags (but one for an afghan I’m working on with the yarn in there with it and one for a sweater that is on the needles, so no loose there), and no random shopping bags.
Starting Fabric: one 50 gallon trunk rubbermaid, 2 comforter bags, 4 garbage bags, random piles everywhere.
Present Fabric: one 50 gallon rubbermaid, 1 comforter bag full of scraps, 1 garbage bag of old clothes to use as raw fabric, no random piles.

Pretty good right? Now not all of that has been used for craft leftover projects, but the idea of the craftleftover project has spread to all my other projects. I look at what I have before I follow that impulse to buy more. My apartment is slowly getting less cluttered as I use what I have instead of acquiring. In a weird way it even goes into the closet too, I am downsizing my wardrobe. I only wear/keep things that I really delight in wearing. Like these green pants I have one right now. Delightful. It’s amazing how much I want to get rid of when I think in terms of what is important/necessary to keep around.

Okay so I’m clearly tired and rambling so I think I’m going to stop things here. Have a good night! Keep thinking creatively! More pictures tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Shop and Ride

  1. Thank you so much for this one!

    I have been trying to use up my stash but girl, I do not have NEAR what you do!!

  2. You know, I never really thought much of it until I moved out of my parent’s house. I’m looking at moving again and the more of it I can use up before then the better. A lot of the stash was actually my grandma’s. When she passed away I couldn’t stand to see he lifetime of stashing sold off bit by bit if not just thrown away, so I horded it all. I have a lifetime of stashing, plus my own, to work my way though, and in a year, I have gotten though over half!

    I’m so glad you like the pattern, and it seems like it’s finally spring so I’ve been riding around all day with my little tote. I think I might even take a trip to the store after I get off work!

  3. I have only recently discovered your blog, through Craftzine. And I’ve only known of them for about a week longer. :)
    I’ve enjoyed your postings and ideas. I just finished the shop&ride bag and I’m so excited because it actually turned out well. (I can be sort of clutsy in the sewing department)
    Thanks so much for sharing your work.

  4. What a great, organized, and sturdy looking bag! Looks pretty comfy too!

    I also added this to my site today, and you can grab an “I’ve been featured” badge if you’d like.

    Thanks for the great idea!!

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