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Vellus :: Free NeedlePoint Ornement Pattern

DSC_0057 Vellus simply means SnowFlake. I thought latin would give a nice twist to the simple “SnowFlake Ornament” title that popped into my mind initially. When I first started this project I mapped it all out on paper, made sure everything fit, and then after stitching the border threw it all out the window and completely changed things around. It was fun working intuitively instead of planning it all out. How it worked out so well was the miracle of working from the center out to keep it all symmetrical. It was a whole lot of fun to make, took about 3 days of working on exclusively and took up just about 30 yards of sport weight yarn (actually less, but I like to over estimate just in case). It was a great project to tote around with me as I was traveling this weekend. I put it all into a little bag and it went around with me everywhere. I pulled it out as often as I could to work another stitch or two. I can’t wait to start my next one!

So without futher adu:


So what do you think of my new tricked out download button? Jason made the comment that not in all, but in some posts it was hard to see what to click to actually get at the pattern. I never even thought of that! This is why feedback kicksass.

I’m glad I said “afternoon”, haha. I was still at a stand still this morning and then it finally clicked. I know can whip out a needle point chart in photoshop with ease, hooray! I’m scooting things around in clm and that will be one of the craft room tips, how to do a chart in photoshop so you don’t go nuts.

Which makes me think, I should remind you, go get your Holiday Craft Leftovers Monthly today! There are just 11 issue left and you only have until Thursday night to order! The kit included in this issue is this great ornament. You get all the yarn, canvas, needles, charts, encouragement you need to make your own. Not to mention all the other great projects and recipes in the zine itself.

Have a great Tuesday and keep it Crafty! See you tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Vellus :: Free NeedlePoint Ornement Pattern

  1. Oooh too pretty, Kristin! I love your snowflake ornament and can’t wait to make it. :) So I was wrong, your project was not a coaster. ha! I like this better though.

    Your new download button is cool and does make it easier to find.

    Btw, I am still bouncing up and down in my chair from excitement over this month’s Craft Leftover Monthly kit. :) I can’t wait to get it.

  2. What a wonderful design – just love the colours.

    Odette in South Africa!

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