Rounding it Up: Playing Catch Up Part 2

Yesterday I started catching back up with work and part of that is getting back into the crafty groove. You know, what’s been going on in the blog-o-sphere while I was out of commission. I covered my Saving Money Catagory, Creative Folks, Art/Design Stuff, and part of the Craft category. Today I’ve really enjoyed reading through the rest of the craft, lifestyle, local, and misc categories. Here we go!

Craft Continued is my go to for checking out what’s going on in the online craft world. They do such a great job of exposing loads of folks like myself to loads of folks like myself. They spotlight crafters worldwide as well as generate some of the most amazing content around. Here are my top 10 from the past month of posts:


How to Sew a Duvet Cover – really want to make one of these.
How to: Dollie Stencil with a Sharpie
How to: Homemade Pop-Tarts – Yum! I definitely want to try making these.
Fraggle Rock Doozers Knitting Song – Love this and so excited to see it on YouTube, brought back such great memories. I loved Fraggle Rock as a little kiddo.
Crafting a Corset – I’m excited to see this series. I really enjoy the challenge of sewing my own corsets and it’s been great reading about how other do it in a step by step sort of way.
Vinyl Record Bookends – I’m always looking for ideas on what to do with old vinyl records that collect at the thrift store as well as find some cheap slim book ends for all my books. This is perfect!
Sew a Drawstring Bike Seat Cover

Things have changed up a bit on CraftyPod – Diane is videoblogging! Say what! And by that I mean, of course Diane would start video blogging. Check out her first segment.

Life Style

This overlaps with the saving money/getting organized from time to time, it’s just kind of how things developed in my readers :)

Your Back up Plan is Your Plan – A short little write up about how sometimes it’s a good idea to turn off the safety and go full speed ahead.

Seven Weird Habits That Will Change Your Life – a different spin on common situations.

A daily dose of inspiration is always found on Zen Habits: Letting Go of Attachments, 6 Ways For Teens to Avoid Distractions – I think this could easily apply to creative types too, and 5 Essential Zen Habits for Living a Balanced Life.


This is where blogs go before I drop them into a final resting place. I’m thinking about making a new folder for “Crafty Business” because CopyBlogger, Starting a Home Business, and PhotoJojo seem to be working together to inspire changed here on Craft Leftovers.

Creative Content Recycling: Are you Wasting Your Garbage? – you know my love of recycling. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about this, especially in regards to my creative process (of course!). Like making two of the same thing to test a pattern, maybe I could sell the nicer one in my shop? or give it away as a gift? Hmm, not a bad plan.

10 New Ideas for Getting Inspired to Write – always on the look out for more ideas on getting settled into writing and these are real winners in my book.

Two Vital Attributes of Quality Content – I need to keep this in mind, heck all writers do. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut.

The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers – I really enjoyed reading this. Quite a few of these are on my “strive for” list, but I’m not there yet.

How to Stop Screwing Around and Quit Your Day Job – indeed!

The Consequences of Putting Your Workout on Hold – after not working out consistently for the last 2 months I have now completed my 2nd day of working out. I’ve changed my perspective about my bike riding/working out combo. More on that later. But yeah, totally agree with this article.

How to Grow a Photo Pinwheel Garden – this really fun photo tutorial on PhotoJoJo is a must make for me for this summer.

Thanks for sharing your must sees of the past month with me yesterday, it was a lot of fun poking around even more.

Tomorrow will be the last catch up post, but more of a Crafty Business post because it will be all about how I overwhelmed myself with too many big projects and how I plan on staying away from that cluster f for the rest of my life :) Then on to some awesome fun leftover related posts.

Happy Crafting! It’s so good to be back!


ps – car is still in the shop, but I’ll be back in the studio tomorrow via my bike – which is good for me anyway :)