Finally Past the Yeses from Last Year

Back in February I posted about how I was saying “maybe” to everything as a way to retrain that unfortunate “yes” reflex. I had some really good points, especially about how when I over commit I’m not doing anyone a favor. If I’m so over booked, I can’t follow through.

After saying “maybe” and a lot of straight up “no thank yous,” I’ve finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Though I dearly love the mural project I just finished, it is definitely something I would do differently the next time around (cough, looking like next year). Mainly, I would say “maybe next year” instead of “I’ll get right on that.”

It takes time to get out of a deep hole of overcommitment. It’s not like I’m just going to blow off the things that I’ve committed to. Nope, I buckled down and did what I had to do to get them done. And it was done pretty well. Unfortunately it was at the expense of myself.

  • I stopped working out.
  • I stopped cooking.
  • I started eating out.
  • I wasn’t sleeping well.
  • I got sick.
  • I ran out of clean clothing.
  • The apartment was a heap.
  • I pretty much stopped crafting and writing too.
  • And that last one then came at the expense of Craft Leftovers–no crafting = less content ideas


Well, I’m happy to say that is over and done with. I learned my lesson back in February when I saw what I had done to myself by saying “yes” so much back in October of 2009. It just took another 3 months to get out of that yes hole I had dug.

Starting Monday I did all the things that keep me feeling healthy.

  • I went to the gym and kicked my own ass.
  • I made a delicious meal.
  • I slept like a log for over 8 hours.
  • I did laundry.
  • I did an emergency clean up.
  • As of yesterday I started up the fly lady/happy slob cleaning routine.
  • And I’ve been writing all day with much crafting coming soon.

Since the last time I listed my “major commitments,” quite a few have dropped off the list. I’ve put many decisions off until 2011 knowing that 2010 is already too full.

I feel ready. Ready to step up and take control of my life. Ready to grow up and be more mature about my decision making. To only do the things I’m really driven to do.

And I’m sure I’ll get over booked from time to time. But it will never again be at the expense of the things that help keep me healthy.

I have learned my lesson. And I’m holding myself too it. This isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s taken quite a few rounds before I finally got to this point of lesson learning. Or even seeing that there was a lesson to be learned. Well, now I have. The point is taken. I want to live a less stressful existence. And a lot of that comes from saying no. And taking my own advice.

I’m officially back to what I love the most, giving new life to cast offs. I’ll announce the new posting schedule soon and get that “about” page nice and updated.

Kristin Roach


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  1. good for you! It is hard to say no! I turned down a couple of projects recently and I still feel sad and glad about it.

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