Springy Crocheted Head Wrap

I have been oogling head bands and other things like that to show off my new bangs. It’s the first time in years. There is a problem though, art supplies or hair accessories… hmm… of course the art supplies win out. So what to do about showing off these new bangs? A little crocheted head wrap! The perfect thing.

Also, there are now kits for The Perfect Dishcloth, Pencil Clutches, and Travel Tissue Holders. I will be adding more of each of those tomorrow along with kits for the Springy Head Wrap. It should all be up by 2pm central time.

Have a good week!

8 thoughts on “Springy Crocheted Head Wrap

  1. I made this one over the weekend! I used Patons Grace in Cardinal with a size G hook. Mine was worked in the round, but next time I’m going to make it nice and long so I can tie it at the nape of my neck. You’ve even inspired me to experiment with the stitch pattern in the center! I think I’m addicted…

  2. Hi,

    I started this headband but when I got to the second row I wasn’t sure what “2nd chain from the hook” meant in the second row.

    Can anyone help me with this or recommend a link with instructions?

    Thank you!

  3. Mmm, I see what happened here, sorry about that, this pattern was definitely when I was just getting started writing crochet patterns.

    You need to work your first hdc st in the 2nd chain stitch from the hook and that counts as your first hdc.

    Then for the rest of the pattern it should be reading “stitch” instead of “chain” being that chain stitches are only worked for the foundation chain.

    I think this pattern would be a great candidate for this friday’s re-release pattern.

    Thank you for pointing this out – asking your question. It really helps to improve the quality of the patterns.

    Best wishes and happy crocheting!

  4. Nice blog.I like these types of light head bands.
    Actually I like this piece very much and will search for it in the market.
    Thanks for this article and this lovely pic.

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