Fancy Fricking Napkins

You can embroider them with wool or cotton, either way they are Fancy fricking napkins. Easy enough to make, they add that special something to your fancy fricking dinner. Depending on your dinner, you can fancy them up or fancy them down style.

The pattern also includes a how to on making a crocheted napkin ring. Sewing and crochet! My favorite!

You can see here how it was embroidered by outlining first with the back stitch, then filled in with satin stitch and french knots.
There are few more dish cloth kits in the store and I’m going to make up some more kits tonight. They should be added to the store by midnight. Thank you to everyone who bought kits, commented and sent me super supportive emails about the book. I really appreciate! It always makes my day!

Have a good week! Craft it up folks!

3 thoughts on “Fancy Fricking Napkins

  1. . . . Quivering with excitement about those napkin rings. Freakin’ COOOOOL!

  2. I finally found a good bead crochet tutorial last week, and I’ve been itching to try it…now I have the perfect project!

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