Studio Redress: Drawer Divider


Look at that mess. Sure it’s not horrible and at least it’s all in one drawer. But it could be a whole lot better. My friend Aimee got it into her head to set things straight.


First she emptied the drawer and measured it’s width, depth, and height.


Then she cut notches in some scrap cardboard we had around the studio. So brilliant!


And check this out, organized! And I found out I have a bunch of neat stuff that is not yet in the shop. That’s Aimee’s next mission.

This is a great way to divide up any drawer when you need smaller slots to keep things organized.

Aimee is helping me out in the studio every Friday afternoon so I don’t go crazy, or to help me recover from going a bit crazy. It’s such a huge help while I’m juggling the mural and the book and Craft Leftovers and, of course, life!

Happy crafting!



3 thoughts on “Studio Redress: Drawer Divider

  1. I love this idea and I have just the place to put it to use. Plus, some cardboard boxes to cute up.

    Thanks for the idea!

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