Crafting Teas: Blending Herbs and Cheering up the Holidays


You may or may not know about my side project called Little Woods Herbal. Through a weird turn of ebay sales while I was destashing last summer before Lucy was born, I found I could make some extra money selling medicinal herbs on ebay. Go figure. A little over a year later, it’s become my main source of income. I’ve finally decided (thanks to some prompting from my friend Andrea), that I should go beyond bulk herbs and start selling my own blends of herbs and tea and this week I finally added some to my shop.


I started with what I needed. And right now I needed some tea to help me unwind and some to help get me in the mood for the upcoming holiday seasons. Andrea needed some sleep. We both needed some immune boosting tea (last winter we were both miserable with the onslaught of back to back colds and flu! Do not want to do that again this year. And with all my digestive issues (flash back to getting gallbladder removed and currently to re-occuring pancreatic attacks), a digestif tea also was called for. We also have in the works about 20 other blends we are tinkering with and they should be debuting in the next two weeks.


It’s been a blast! And I’m sitting here sipping one of my newest brew (ImmuniTea, couldn’t help myself with the name) thinking, why in the world didn’t I do this forever ago. I’ve been a little obsessed. But in a get a ton of stuff done all in one go positive way and drinking lots of herbal teas that are making me feel healthier.


My favorite medicinal blend so far has been then ImmuniTea and the Unwind. My favorite Flavored Tea has been the Holiday Cheer Blend. It’s like christmas in a cup, but in a good way. And it has enough black tea in it to power me through tons of late night crafting and herb blending. Ahh, can you hear those sleigh bells ringing, jing jing jingling…

Until Next Time!