Temari Ball Bag

temari ball bag

I saw a new book on Temari at the public library. Dang it. I just had to bring it home. Then I just had to read it. And you see where this is going, I just had to try it! I collected up all my temari ball making supplies and soon realized that I would need something to put them in. I’m normally okay with zip lock bags, but for whatever reason, I wanted a temari ball bag that would have all my essentials for the ball I was working on. The other driving factor is that a temari ball is just the kind of favorite thing that my ferrets love to steal and hide and re-hide until they have really done a number on it. So a zipper was needed too.

Download the pattern here.

I also just wanted to thank everyone who ordered this month’s clm. I really appreciate it! I know you will love this month’s issue, it’s totally packed full of great crafty goodness! It made my Christmas time very Merry indeed!

And I wanted to let you know that shop updates will resume on Monday, hooray!

And and and, I started a new blog! it’s just the day to day of my art and crafting and life in general. You can check it out here: “Kristin Roach: Blog” I’m going to be putting some drawings up for sale after the first of the year in the blogs shop. I’ll let you know when I do.

See you all on Wednesday!

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