Using Leftover Fabric Projects: Roundup

I’m not sure how I missed the Scrap Buster Contest over on Sew, Mama, Sew! in October, but I did! October was a great month tutorials on using up little bits. Here are two of my favorites from the Sew, Mama, Sew contest as well as projects around the web from some of my other favorite blogs:


Passport Cover for the Scrap Buster Contest from Chubby Hobby {via}



Christmas Stocking for the Scrap Buster Contest from Maggie Makes {via Sew Mama Sew}



Stiffened Fabric Flower Brooch from CraftyPod



Pincushion in 4 Seams from Some Art Fabric Talk {via Craft Gossip}  



Ruffled Hedgehog from Matsutake blog {via}



Reusable Swiffer Cover from Berlins Whimsy {via Craft}



Button Down Pillow from Julie K {via Craft Gossip}



Key Ring Clutch from Noodle Head {via Craft Gossip}


strawberrypincushionStrawberry PinCushion from Embroideroo {via}


I’ve been going through my own fabric stash this weekend and am really excited to try out a few of these great projects that have been posted recently. All of them are perfect for using up my Craft Leftovers!

Happy Sewing!

2 thoughts on “Using Leftover Fabric Projects: Roundup

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! It’s been a long time since I have looked at the Sew, Mama, Sew blog and it’s gotten me excited about sewing again.

    Also I am sooo excited to try making the pies in a jar that they linked to on the Nov. 1 post! Fun, cute and yummy! Going to make great holiday gifts for family that doesn’t like to cook but likes homemade pie.

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