We’re Married! Hyho! I’m a wife.

{amazing photography by our friend David Gardner – who is also a web developer of great talent}

After months of planning and many an all nighter, we finally had our big day and it was truly amazing. We had the most un-seasonally perfect weather right after a cold snap – which changed the color of the leaves to the most splendid shades. Eighty-three degrees, mostly sunny, wind died down right when we needed it to. Amazing music. Amazing people. Most lovely decor thanks to the planning and prep of my sister and hard hands on work of Aimee and many other friends and family. Thank you all!

I’m happily Mrs Kristin Michelle Roach now and…. ready to rock the craft! I now have an even bigger pile of leftovers and can’t wait to show you some of the awesome projects I’ve been working on.

Until next time… which will be sooner rather than later now that I’m not planning a wedding!
Kristin Roach

7 thoughts on “We’re Married! Hyho! I’m a wife.

  1. Congrats, I’m happy you had nice weather! If you were married this past Saturday you share my anniversary date, which was nit so nice in the weather department. We had a downpour after a two month drought, which made us happy that we had taken the chance to get a tent for the reception! Enjoy your time together!

  2. Congrats! What a wonderful turn of weather for you! May you always share the happiness you felt the day you married.

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