Will you be a Craft Leftovers Buddy?

In the past, I’ve reached out to you to help correct a pattern, give feedback on the blog, and things of that sort. You have always come through and it is so appreciated! Sometimes I get stuck and it’s wonderful to have more eyes on the issue at hand.


{my office manager’s new assistant}

I’m looking to improve things around here, and I’ll need your help more often. It could range from ¬†feedback on the archive to testing out a new kit. It could even be to submit test orders to figure out where errors are popping up in the shop.

I don’t want to clutter up the crafty goodness with stuff that’s of an admin nature so I’m going to follow the Simple Dollar’s example. I’ve decided to set up a buddy system.

Be a Craft Leftovers Buddy: How it works.

I’m setting up a private email list. I will never share your contact info with anyone or send you spam.

I’ll send out a general inquiry for help on specific tasks. Some of these might be reading through a tutorial or testing out a kit–the kit would be sent to testers for free. These tasks might also be filling out a survey or downloading the newest pattern to make sure it works on various computers. I’ll have different numbers needed for each task. After I’ve filled the slots, I’ll send an email update–simple as that.

If you’re interested, let’s be buddies. Send me an email using the contact form and put “Craft Leftovers Buddy” in the subject and I’ll add you to the list.

I have a task all lined up too. Once you get started we can jump right in.

If this isn’t your bag, no worries. This is most likely the only time I’ll post about it. I’ll add a link to the about page. The daily Craft Leftover goodness will still flow–maybe more smoothly because of these fine contributions. You won’t miss out on any original content if you aren’t part of the list.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Kristin Roach

16 thoughts on “Will you be a Craft Leftovers Buddy?

  1. Sign me up…(but I couldn't get your sign up form to do it! :D) Let me know how I can help!

    1. Done! Thanks Deb!
      If anyone else is having issue with the contact form, you can email me at kristin {at} craftleftovers {dot} com and I'll add you to the list that way. It all goes to the same place anyhow :)

  2. what a great idea!

    i’d love to be involved, but for some reason your contact page wouldn’t accept my email address (lifeadorned@gmail.com).

  3. Hi. I filled out the form but didn't put “Craft Leftover Buddy” anywhere. Therre wasn't a subject line. Hope I can be of service! -EM

  4. The form wouldn't work for me. It kept on saying “please enter a correct email address” and I was like “that is my correct email address”.

    1. This is one of those types of things I want all of you to help me with. Several of you have had this issue and I now know it's something that needs to be fixed. Before the 100 of you ran through the contact form, that I realized about 20% of you, for no apparent reason, couldn't submit it because of the email error.

      Oh and I'll add you manually :) thanks for your help!

      1. i couldn't make the form work either but would love to be a buddy? Now what?

  5. Greetings! A little test for Disqus…can you see me now? Good. :)

    Edit: Used the login with Yahoo – at first it said “Error.” Then on the second try it logged in…but as you can see my Yahoo login in not my main for correspondence :)


  6. i couldn't make the form work either but would love to be a buddy? Now what?

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