Crafty Business Routines: Part 3: Weekly Routines

Last week I went on and on about Daily Routines and how it helps to get my day started on the right foot. Each day there are a set of tasks I hop to first thing in the morning (Part 2). Today we are moving to weekly tasks. There are a lot of things that I don’t need to do everyday, but I do need to get done on a fairly regular basis. In the home, think things like “clean the cat litter” or “make meal plan” or “vacuum.” I don’t have to do any of those tasks everyday, but I do need to do them on a regular basis.


For work, it took me a little while to figure out what the tasks were because, let’s face it, I had been doing them on a once-every-3-months-when-I-remember basis. Not a good way to go.

Now keep in mind that we are going to cover monthly tasks next week–those are different. You don’t need to go over your taxes with a fine tooth comb every week, but keeping up your books once a week at the least is a good idea. So “balance accounts” is a weekly task, “make monthly financial report” and “prepare next month’s tax forms” is a monthly task.

Step 1: Make a long list.

This is a good point to brain dump. List every single task you can possibly think of onto a list that might in anyway be a weekly task. Everything that you do on a regular basis or a semi-regular basis. In fact, you might have already done this last week for your daily tasks.

Step 2: Identify the weekly tasks.

Once you get your long list, highlight all the weekly tasks. Some tasks can be 2 times a week and those count as weekly too. Don’t worry about anything today but the weekly.

Step 3: Refine the key items.

Don’t put things like “clean up.” Either list the tasks out (vacuum, sweep, put away supplies, wipe down work surfaces) or set a time limit for yourself like 930 minute studio cleaning dash) and put away everything that’s out, and do the other tasks you need to do.

Step 4: Pull out your calendar.

What’s the best day for each task? Do you always have a early meeting on Tuesday and know you won’t have extra time that day? Don’t clump your weekly tasks all on one day. Try to hit up two to three each day. And place them on days that make sense to you.


Here is my weekly task list schedule:

Balance accounts
Schedule next weeks blog posts (I map out what I want to write about this week to publish next week)
Add items photographed last week to the shop

R&D: surf the web or play in the studio, coming up with new project/kit/post ideas and make a long running list.
Make a list of kits and handmade goods to make.
CLM: Spend 1 hour working on anything related to clm.

CLM: Spend 1 hour working on anything related to clm.
Make kits and handmade goodies (list from Tuesday)

Balance Accounts
Prepare for next week’s classes/workshops/meetings

Spend 30 minutes doing a mad studio clean up (put everything away, wipe down all surfaces, tidy up the bookshelf, tidy up the supply cabinet)
Photograph all kits and handmade goods made on Wednesday
CLM: Spend 1 hour working on anything related to clm

And a huge thing here is that you don’t carry over tasks.

If I don’t do anything on my Monday list, on Tuesday I just move on to that day’s tasks. Right now these are things that aren’t being taken care of on a regular weekly basis, so it’s an improvement  if I can check one thing off my list each day. As I move along, it will get better and none of these tasks will seem as overwhelming as they currently do.

I’m actually really excited about taking this step. I wrote this up while I was on Christmas break, and started out really well.

I was completely derailed by the (first) laptop breakdown and then getting really sick.

I’m feeling better finally, I’m finally caught up on all my “HAVE TO DO NOW” items, and I’m happily settling back into a more regular routine.

In fact, after I sign off here, I’m going to hit up that Craft Leftovers Monthly item listed for Wednesday. :) I’m so happy with the way the February issue is coming together. It will be in the shop in just one week from today!

Happy Crafty Business!

{Crafty Business Routine: Part 1, Part 2}

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing this. I have been really sick also this past 6 months and so feel it in my “to-do” list!! Breaking this down and not going back to “yesterday’s list” – is a nice thing sometimes!!!

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