Eating Clean after my vacation binge

After 2 weeks of take out, dine in, dine out, drive through, diner food, and dining in the car Jason and I are ready for a serious adjustment to our eating habits.

Don’t get me wrong, eating pretty much whatever we wanted was fun. We had a ton of amazing food from literally all over the united states. All over!

The main stops on our trip were Denver, San Francisco, Clovis CA, and Pheonix. But we also drove down route one and ate all over. Custard, fruit stands, little midwest diners, and all sorts of desert oasis types of places.

Lots of food.

And the time for that is over. No we aren’t going to fast or purge or detox – though after so much caffeine and sugar I’m sure getting back to normal will feel like a detox! We’ve decided that come homecoming – I’m writing this from the road – we are committing ourselves to eating clean.

Now. Time for Really clean.

And not eating out save one coffee shop trip (for work) and one dinner trip a week (for a date night).

At first I was thinking I would dig through my cook books and find clean recipes to try, but after talking it out with Jason we’ve decided that less is more in this case. I’m going recipeless. How is that working? Pretty much every meal will be the following:

portion complex carb+portion vegs/fruit+portion lean protein=meal

  • At breakfast this will look like: oatmeal+walnuts+dried fruit OR greek yogurt+oats+fresh fruit OR poached eggs and toast with spinach
  • At lunch it might be: brown rice, curried chicken, and steamed broccoli
  • At Dinner it could be: grass fed steak + sweet potato + asaparagus/green beans from the garden
  • For snacks we have cottage cheese, nuts, fresh fruits and veggies.


I can pretty much take any protein, and veg, and any complex carb and have a meal. Okay, so the rice here is totally bastami white, but that’s only because we are out of brown rice. And in San Francisco we stopped by Japantown and I picked up some freaking adorable food “additives”. I’m helping out at the local art center and I’m actually excited to have to pack a lunch for tomorrow. I mean, seriously, how cute is my broccoli?

Anyway, it’s actually really freeing.

I know I talked a lot about getting myself inspired to cook, but I’m already inspired, I just want to keep it as simple as possible so I stick with the, dare I say it, diet. I’ll add flair on the weekends :)

What do you consider eating clean? It seems like everyone has their own definition.

Happy cooking!

Kristin M Roach

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One thought on “Eating Clean after my vacation binge

  1. Dude! You have my dishes!!!  I have an amazing love affair with the Pyrex print that inspired those dishes and have since I was a little girl.  So I collect the bits and bobs as I find them around.  I found an entire 10 place setting set of those dishes (including sugar/creamer and salt/pepper shakers) for $5 at a yardsale a few years ago.  LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  

    Oh wait, food.  Food is good, you should eat that salmon, it looks good!

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