Re-Releasing to the Wild :: Cherry Chirp :: Free Knitting Pattern!

Quite some time ago I first wrote and posted the pattern for the Cherry Chirp Bird. I love this pattern and think it came out really cute. Standing about 8 inches tall, 4 inches wide, and 8 inches long they are a quick knit and takes a mere 40gram of worsted weight cotton yarn + 15g in a contrasting color for beak, feet and eyes.


My friend tried to knit it up shortly after I published the pattern and informed me that the pattern was unknitable. Crap. So I pretty much black listed it, posted that it was full of errors on Ravelry as well as in the post about it. I ran it by my test knitter volunteers and with their help, notes, time, and feedback got this little guy in order. I did a final reknit and I think it’s finally good to go. Now to just sit down and rewrite it! I decided that today was the day, this past weekend, the weekend to do it. And instead of a new pattern, I’m re-releasing this little fledgling pattern into the world!

Cherry Chirp

I’ve dug it up and put it all straight into the original post. But, if you’d like a tablet or printer friendly pdf version and to support this and other Craft Leftovers patterns finding their way back online… Support the Craft Leftovers pattern archive restoration project by purchasing the PDF in the KMR Shop OR Ravelry OR Etsy.

And, something else that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, but not until the pattern was fixed, I’m making kits for this pattern available! They will be in the shop tomorrow afternoon. And because the Knit Honey Bunny and Cherry Chirp are buddies, I’m going to make a kit where you get supplies and the patterns for both!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a kit! They are all sold out.

Honey Bunny & Cherry Chirp

And I’m also going to change the Honey Bunny Kit so the knitting needles are an option and not a requirement. Many good things for sure!

Oh and more good things – I’m working on some other handmade goodies and new never sold on their own kits for the shop. There will be many new things popping into the shop this week, so make sure to check it out daily! And thank you so much to everyone who placed orders over the weekend and this past week! You seriously make this possible! Thank you!

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Until Next Time!

Kristin M Roach

7 thoughts on “Re-Releasing to the Wild :: Cherry Chirp :: Free Knitting Pattern!

  1. Kristin, is the link broken? I’ve tried to download the pattern but no luck!!! Cherry is sooo cute.

  2. Kristin, those are the CUTEST little stuffed toys I have ever seen! Just darling! Cherry Chirp is my favorite…look at that face! Irresistible!

    Hey, come over and sign up for my giveaway before Jan 15…there’s a link on my sidebar.

    Happy New Year to you!


  3. Yes Deb! I forgot the “s” in /patterns/! Thank you so much for letting me know the link was broken :)

  4. Just wondering would I need to know how to knit to be able to use the kit or would the kit teach me what I need to know. I have been wanting to learn to knit I love these two.

  5. Suzi, good question! Nope, it would not teach you how to knit. There are a lot of great knitting and learning to knit sites already out there, so I’m letting them take care of the teaching of knitting. I would actually consider this pattern to be intermediate to advanced intermediate because of the amount of shaping done to make the body form. (ssk, k2tog, that sort of stuff). There are a lot of other knitting patterns on Craft Leftovers that are great for practicing knitting skills and getting a finished project too. Like the Switchy Swatch Coasters, the scrubby bumpy face cloth, the perfect knit dishcloth, the stripy scarf and hat set, oh the fingerless knit glove pattern is a good pattern to start out with too. Take a look through the free pattern archive to see thumbnails to them all. I have kits for the fingerless glove pattern in the shop (fingerless glove duo) and you can get knitting needles with it too if you need them :)

    Best wishes! Good luck!


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