How To: Herb Bundles


Making bundles of herbs to dry is a great way to both use up leftover herbs and use up little scraps of wire and ribbon. Not to mention they are really pretty around the house, smell wonderful, and nicely dried can be wonderfully delicious in any meal.


We had quite the haul in our garden back in september and we searched around for ways to use up all the herbs. The main project was making herb wreaths (October Issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly). We still had quite a few herbs so we made these great herb bundles. 


First, take some floral wire or any nice thin wire and wrap it around the stems. 


Knot two ends of a 16 inch piece of wire ribbon. 


Loop ribbon around the stem.


Cinch it up.


Take another piece of ribbon and wrap it around, covering up the knotted ribbon. 


Tie it into a nice bow. And then you are ready to hang it up. Use for cooking as needed! 

When they are all dry, you can always crush up the herbs and store then in a jar for later

Happy cooking!

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