Handmade Greeting Cards Workshop

There is nothing I love more than getting together with a bunch of people and make things together. Yesterday my friend Sarah co-hosted an Ames C.art workshop with me and it was a delight! 


She showed us all how to make these great little stars, how to use circle cutters, and general card making ideas, issues, and inspirations. 



It was serious business going on, crafty business!


You can see a tutorial on how to make these sweet little stars here or here. Both show the 3-d Froebel Star, but you can just stop and clip the ends to make a flat one for card making purposes.


Making handmade cards is a great way to use up scraps of paper, buttons, ribbon, and whatever else is around the studio. The stars we made, for example, are all made from random bits of card stock. I actually made mine from misprints of the October clm cover. Perfect!



We had about a dozen people at yesterday’s workshop and we all made at least one card, ate cupcakes, and drank coffee. It was such a good time. If you live in central Iowa, you can check out and get updates for all upcoming ames c.art events, workshops, and meetings on Meetup.com/amescart. Most workshops are under $4 and all proceeds go to the help support the space we are meeting at.

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