Thrift Kitchen: It’s a wrap!

My favorite way to reinvent leftovers is to literally wrap it up. We always have flour tortillas on hand for this very reason.

Add to the torilla a little hummus or dijon mustard or dash of olive oil


+ some mixed greens or chopped spinach

+ your favorite cheese (feta, munster, swiss, extra sharp cheddar are my go-tos)

+ leftovers

and you are done.

At first you may feel this just applies to meat stuff: leftover chicken or turkey or ham or beef. Not so!

Pictured above is curried lentils with potatoes + a dash of olive oil + chopped baby spinach + swiss cheese = the most tasty lunch!

Stir fry is another good one to wrap up. You can even toss in some whole grain rice for good measure. Think stir fried onions and mushrooms with spinach and feta, yum yum yum!

Round out your lunch with some granola or carrots and hummus. Yogurt and some nuts is good option. Or maybe some green pepper spears with a dash of lemon poppy seed dressing would be your choice.

Happy snacking and lunch time treats!