25 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Particularly Pink Crochet Dishcloth

  1. Love it! Doing a spiral like that is a great way to use up yarn until it’s gone and still have a usable shape. I do that a lot when making baby blankets with stash yarn so I don’t end up with a long skinny, or short fat, blanket when the yarn is gone!


    1. Hi MaryAmy, sorry this took so long to post! I missed your comment and just saw it today when someone else asked the same question.

      It’s a zip file (compressed/archived file format) – a pdf that’s been compressed – windows comes with a program called winzip that should do the trick, then acrobat reader to read the pdf. On a mac, I use StuffIt, which is a free program you can download, then Preview to read the pdf or acrobat reader. I hope this helps!

      It was just a really big folder and was maxing out my bandwidth usage limits!

      If you are still having problems, email me at kristin@craftleftovers.com and I’ll send you the pdf directly.

        1. It doesn’t say anywhere, I think it ends up being about 9×9″, but it depends a lot on the gauge you use.

  2. Very cute. I am always looking for a dish cloth that isn't full of holes. That is all I use now in my kitchen.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. any kind of worsted cotton will work, I believe I used peaches 'n' creme.

  3. I’m having trouble getting the browser to co-operate with me so that I can get the pattern. I saved it to my files, but when I go to open it, it just goes whack-o…please help!….

  4. I’ve changed the download so it’s a pdf and it should clear up any issues with getting the pattern. Happy Crafting!

  5. I am croheting dishcloths. It’s so much fun. There are so many pretty colors.

  6. The Particularly Pink Dishcloth pattern will not cownload.  It says that the pattern is corrupt.  Please refresh so I can download it and make it….Please.

    1. I’m not getting that error, the file is downloading just fine for me. What browser are you using? Have you updated it to the newest version? send me an email at kristin {at} craftleftovers {dot} com and I can send it to you directly if you’re having issues with the download still.

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