Making Junk Mail, well, Into Not Junk!

I’ve always been frustrated by the massive amounts of junk mail I receive each week. Hey, I’m trying my best to do my part to keep the earth full of trees and green and happy. Well, once it’s in my house I sure don’t want to just send it to the landfill. Even recycling takes more energy. Well heck, what to do? Thankfully there are all sorts of ways to keep the majority of your junk mail out of the recycling bin and/or trash. Here are a few of my favorite ones.


Recycled Magazine Coasters on How About Orange


Recycled Magazine Baskets on How About Orange


Postcard Journals on Design Sponge – what to do with the pretty mail you get. Those art opening cards can be really great for these.

That reminded of the little project I made awhile back:


Pocketbook sketchbook on Craft Leftovers. Haha, just had to keep with the format, right? :) Anytime you get junk mail that’s only printed on one side, you can cut them down and make one of these little guys. In fact, I think I’m going to make another one as I’ve been wanting a pocket sized sketchbook lately.

cut, cut, staple


pocket sketchbook02

Check out this little guy I made just now. See how easy that was? Even my little tiger cat baby likes using it. He drew a self portrait.

pocket sketchbook01

Pocket sketchbooks are great!

Seriously though, it’s always nice to have a little pocket-sized book to jot down drawings, ideas, and notes in. You never know when you will get a flash of brilliance. It’s best to be prepared.

See? Totally not junk. What do you like to make your junk mail into?


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