Ep 7: FIVE big differences owning BRICK vs CLICK

Enjoy Episode 7 of the Craft Leftovers Podcast (an abridged recording of the June 8th livestream) in audio form. Pull up a project and craft along. I intended to mend Lucy’s baby blanket, but ended up just talking about this topic I LOVE — the differences between owning a physical vs online store. A BRICK vs a CLICK. Thanks for the company!

Show Notes:

Local Business Love

Places I gave a shout out too, used as an examples, or shared advice from:

  • Dog Eared Books — their business and their Window Display ROCKS! Seriously jealous of their mad skills in all things business.
  • Duckworth Wearing & the Loft
  • Little Woods’ Local biz friend: Morning Bell, Cafe Milo, Lockwood, Dog Eared Books, Local Co (Huxley), Alluvial Brewing, London Underground, Cornbred BBQ

Coming Soon

7/13/22 | 2-3pm CT | Craft Leftovers LIVE: Challenges of Hybrid BRICK & CLICK Businesses

July TBA | Making the Perfect Iced Tea by the Cup & Gallon at Cook’s Emporium

7/30/22 | 10am – 4pm | Summer Sidewalk Sale in Downtown Ames

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Until Next Time!

Kristin M Roach