ATC Envelope :: Guest Pattern!

Su Mwamba of Tangled Crafts has provided me this great instruction set to share with you! I am so impressed by all of her productivity!

It’s how to fold your own envelopes in 6 steps! She even gives us the template for printing out. Now Su lives in the UK so she has made this for the standard A4 sized paper – slightly longer and narrower than our “letter” sized paper. So when you print out the tutorial you can do a few things to accomidate that: 1) print it on 11 X 14 paper, 2) select “shrink to fit” when you print it. She talks about that in the tutorial too, so don’t worry, she doesn’t leave us in the US hanging at all :)

And in other Tangled Crafts news, I just received Su’s zine/weaving/diy/kit package in the mail and oh my goodness I love it!


First of all, zine package comes in this great envelope cover that she made by putting two envelopes together. I love little pockets and folds and things, so the fact that there were all these great little goodies tucked everywhere really made me happy.


Like I took out the little envelope in the side of the envelope there and there was a whole other set of instructions:


And then I got to the end of the instruction set and there was another little envelope filled with goodies!


And then look at that! I’m pretty sure she stitches the binding!

You can find out all the information about ordering, joining the diy weaving club, and such here on her website. Make sure to go check it out and get your own.


In other news, I wanted to apologize for my absense around CL lately. This week has been particularly demanding, insane, overwhelming, and exhausting. And to top it all off server problems have become a really huge issue. Like today, this post took so much longer than it should have because of not being able to log into the site, or not add pictures because the server kept crashing. But there is a solution in site.

It turns out that because Jason (who has the server account cl is hosted on) has been with his server service so long he was still on the old server from back in the 1990’s or something like that. They are in the process of moving our server space to their new server center in Chicago as well as updating all of their phython code (which I’m not sure if that will help on my end, but still a good thing in general). So we are hoping that after the updates and the move these hourly crashes will stop happening. Stick with me here, things will get better.

And another thing, I actually worked my last day of work at the Chocolate shop (I might still fill in from time to time as needed – but only if I have time) this past week (another reason why I was so crunched for time). I’m very hopeful that now that I can set my own schedule that things will start being a little calmer around here.

I’m looking forward to next week so much. I have one class to teach Thursday night – beginning crochet – but other than that I get to spend every day in the studio! Granted I’m sure half that time will be writing criculum for upcoming workshops and classes, working on taxes, and other more computery type of work, but that still leaves the other half of the week to be making things :)

I’ve decided that for the April CLM I’m going to say the third Sunday of the month it will go on sale because it was really hard only having 2 weeks from the time I sent it out to the time I had to put it into the shop again. I’ve actually been thinking about just switching over to a date instead of a day, like will go on sale on the 14th of each month and then be sent by the 20th? I’m not sure. Any ideas or suggestions? I was also thinking about the way Su does it and take subscriptions all month and then send them all out once a month? I feel like I’m over complicating things :P

Okay, I need to prep for a sock knitting workshop I’m teaching tomorrow -think knitting 3 partial socks in one day with worsted yarn for the demo! And make dinner! Yikes, I better get rolling on it.

See you all Monday and have a great crafty weekend!

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  1. This envelope is great and I’ve never been to Tangled Crafts before-I love new-to-me blogs! I hope your server problems are solved now. I totally feel your pain and it’s no fun!

    And a big YAY for more Crafty Time!

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