Crocheted Scruby Bumpy Face Cloth

crochet_face_cloth02 Another great face cloth from the yarn I recycled last month, this time though, it’s crocheted!


Download Pattern Here (pdf).


Well, I’m off to go have a “wild” night, haha. I’ll see you all tomorrow with some lamp goodness. With any luck the weather will stay well and on top of repainting the lamp, I’ll finally be able to bring my loom out of the garage and into my studio. Do I see some weaving projects for craft leftovers in the future? I sure do :)

See you all tomorrow! Happy Crafting!

++ Kristin Roach ++

edited in:: ps – I got caught up in cleaning the garage and by the time I finished up for the day it was, umm, the night. Way past the time for taking pictures of the lamp. The good news is that I cleaned up and organized my stuff in the garage, cleaned up the loom, and we are going to bring it inside tomorrow! Hooray! And with things organized and the loom inside, there is enough room to set up a painting space out there! Hooray to that too! I can’t wait to work on my Driving Midwest series again. I have Craft Leftovers Monthly just about ready to take pictures of and put in the shop, so that will go in the shop tomorrow afternoon. I’ll post some pictures here and let you all know when it is up. I’ll also send out a subscription reminder to those who have had subscriptions in the past. See you all then!


9 thoughts on “Crocheted Scruby Bumpy Face Cloth

  1. Kristin, that’s a great pattern!
    Absolutely fun and quick. Maybe I’m gonna do a bunch of these for christmas – but this first one I will keep for me :)

  2. Ms. Roach, I made a couple dozen of these last year. This pattern brought me back to crochet. It was really easy and didn’t take me long to complete. I loved (love) them. with that said I finally got up the nerve to post my finished face cloths on ravelry. I am ohsohappymom there if you would like to see them. I hope I haven’t infringed upon you in any way by doing this. I hope you like them if you decide to take a peek. thanks, kay. P.S. I did provide your website.

    1. You aren’t infringing at all! I love seeing the finished projects that people make from my patterns, especially when they speak as fondly of them as you have :) Thank you so much! Happy crocheting!

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