Crochet Sun Tea Spot: Free Coaster Pattern

Materials Needed :: Cotton worsted weight yarn – at least 5 three yard lengths :: Size G Hook :: Sun Tea with Ice and Straw Finished Size 3 3/4” (9.5 mm) diameter Notes All stitches are worked through both loops. For one of the first times this year I sat outside […]

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MAL Quicky 2.3: Finished Circle Skirt!

One of the things i love most about the MAL quicky is that it doesn’t give me enough time to procrastinate, though there was some putting off until tomorrow happening because of the zine coming out last week, and then I finished it about 2am on Monday/Tuesday, took pictures Tuesday […]

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Free Yarn Stash Pattern: Knit Honey Bunny

This sweet little bunny was first published in the spring of 2008. It’s a unique construction because the base of the little hopper is knit like a heel flap. The first time I made him, I used some vintage acrylic and the last few times I used leftover cotton. You can use just about any worsted weight yarn for this project. I’ve even seen people use faux fur with some pretty fun results.

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Making Waxed “Linen” Thread

There are many great reasons to have waxed linen on hand –  coiling, book binding, jewelry making, and braiding just to name a few. Here is a really easy way to use up some bits of embroidery floss and get that elusive waxed thread into your tool kit (the only […]


How To :: Yarn Spa Day :: Refreshing Spent Yarn

Sometimes yarn gets a little abused and used and worn out and just needs a good relaxing day. Well, actually, after ripping out yarn several times it does need to be refreshed. Maybe not a full on spa day, but a nice dip in some soapy water does wonders. In […]


Cherry Loves Honey in the Shop!

I am happy to announce two new kits and a redo of an older kit today! It’s been a long time coming because the before mentioned errors in the Cherry Chirp Pattern, but no more waiting, they are now available in the shop! The Cherry Loves Honey kit (two pattern […]

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Guest Pattern :: Itty Bitty Anything Bag

I worked mine up using two strands of sport weight yarn and it is just perfect for putting all my scraps of yarn into and hanging up on my tool rack. I’m loving hanging things up on my rack lately. I use the yarn scraps to tie tags to my hand dyed yarns and handmade goods. Enjoy this sweet little project!

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Scruby Bumpy Face Cloth

Scruby Bumpy Face Cloth

I know that this stitch pattern must exist out there somewhere in the knitland. Pretty much any stitch pattern is, but I came to this on my own. I love woven basket stitch for it’s simple texture, it also lays nice and flat. For a face cloth though, I wanted something a little more bumpy, so I added in a couple rows of a little something something to make it nice and gently scrubby. I love the way it turned out. I am hoping to make a bunch more for Jason and I. I recycled a whole sweater of 100% cotton yarn and it’s just perfect for this project. I also learned a little trick about weaving in ends on a 100% cotton face cloth, something that has always evaded me before, so I’ll show that too you in this pattern too.

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Seedy Diner Placemat!

Oh the seedy diners, I do love them. Late at night. All the characters that you see there. The greasy hash browns and coffee late at night to keep the creative juices flowing. I remember eating plate of hash browns with katsup and about 8 cups of coffee, then going back to the studio and working until of 4am or so. Anyway, so I was making a place mat, a smaller one for just a bowl and cup because I don’t have enough room for a full place mat on my desk where I keep my laptop, but kind of like having a place mat, not sure why, just do. So I needed a smaller bowl/cup sized one.