Decent Exposure: Mending my favorite jeans

The irony that I’ve literally written the book on mending is not lost on me. My mending pile is a mile high. Most of the time I try and stay on top of it, but times like this summer happen and it really gets away from me!

Today I finally sat down and set things right as far as my favorite jeans go. Are they worn like mad? You bet. Are they covered in paint and hot glue? Absolutely! But, I have yet to find a pair so comfortable, or that look as good on me. Unfortunately, with a hole in the crotch, I really needed to make them decent before I could wear them again.

I grabbed a few different denim swatches and picked the one that seemed the closest match. Because really, the crotch of my pants isn’t a place I care to embellish and draw attention to.

I trimmed the threads and quickly pinned it in place. And I used my phone under it so I wouldn’t sew the patch to the other side of my pant leg.

I used a blanket stitch in a grey thread (which has officially become my favorite all purpose thread color).

More stitching.

And this is what the inside looks like after I used pinking shears to trim it down to size.

And volia, favorite jeans are now right where they should be.

The total time for this was about a half hour and that included stopping to take photos for this post. Not too bad. Especially when jeans will cost you anywhere from $30-120 per pair!

Do you have a mending pile that’s getting out of hand? You might want to get a copy of my book, I promise it will inspire you!

Happy Mending!
Kristin M Roach

3 thoughts on “Decent Exposure: Mending my favorite jeans

  1. Just curious as to why you didn’t sew it by machine with a zigzag stitch. That would’ve been even faster. ;)

    1. Haha, I suppose for some. But, that would have meant cleaning off my work table, setting up my sewing machine, possibly buying a new needle for it, and then there’s the fact that I’m a sucker for hand sewing (I genuinely enjoy it).

  2. What a surprise at the end of this tutorial! I have your book Mend it Better and I love it. I’ve used quite a few of the mending techniques to extend the life of my family’s clothing. Great reuse repurpose tips also. Thank you! Elle

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