Felting Experiments Part II

DSC_0016 I wanted to do a follow up post of these little wet felted ornaments after embroidering and putting little loops on them:






I still say the star came out the best. It may look like it sticks out at the right side, but that’s just perspective happening, a nice 1/2 inch thick star right there! Yeah!


Thank you so much for all your nice feedback on the zine and the new CLM subscription. I think it will work better for everyone involved and am excited about putting it all together this month. I have it mostly done already and that is pretty exciting as I am always running behind with getting things laid out. This month I’m working really had for there to be some lead time between finishing in printing so there will be time for me to proof it (which happens each month) and a friend to proof it too (which I think will help so much with errors, it’s so hard to proof one’s own work!).

I have a fun post for tomorrow and am looking forward to working on the project for it. So make sure to check back!

See you all tomorrow!

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