Pattern::Sewn Christmas Stocking!

I’ve been in such a holiday crafting mood lately. I need a larger tree–it’s getting loaded down with handmade ornaments. Time to switch to home decor Christmas crafts :) Here’s a free sewn stocking pattern just for you (and for me too!).

Here are the two I made:


I made the middle from pieces of a red plaid skirt and a brown plaid dress. I love plaids! And the one on the left (front) and right (back) I delved into my stash and sewed a bunch of strips together using the same method as this cute little clutch by mairuru. It’s reversible, neat huh?


Just print, enlarge and make whatever size your heart desires. Appliquéd lettering, glitter, and beading would all be great additions!

Want to use up some of your leftovers from Christmas? Check out my ebook Card.Paper.Ribbon. that’s all about finding non-christmas uses for Christmas gift packaging supplies!

Happy Crafting!

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