ReReleasing to the Wild:: Coffee Sweater!

DSC_0002 So the coffee sweater is this month’s Craft Leftovers Monthly Kit. I did a run through with it to make sure it would work with fingering weight yarn. Welllll, it does…. but then while knitting through it I found that just about ever row, except the “knit all” rows, was rittled with errors! GAH! I can’t say it’s not my fault, but on the other hand, I did get the stitch pattern from the stitch dictionary -it’s a really common slip stitch pattern- and I didn’t think to check to make sure it was right, I just assumed it was- I should know better!

Anyway, so I spent pretty much most of the day yesterday working through it and ripping and writing and scratching things out and making notes and I think I finally got it right. If you see something odd in it or something that isn’t quite making sense, just email me at corrections (at) gmail (dot) com


I’ve really been making an effort to go back through patterns and correct them. I think for the next couple of months I’m going to post a new pattern every other week and then focus on correcting an old pattern(s) (or converting old ones from jpg or lulu to pdf – taking new pictures that sort of thing). I have a lot of older patterns that just need some love. Really get the archive nice and spruced up.

If you ordered clm this month, I just wanted you to know that today was a government holiday and so all subscriptions will be going out tomorrow. Time to put the finishing touches on everything!

See you all tomorrow!

One thought on “ReReleasing to the Wild:: Coffee Sweater!

  1. I really like this pattern. I am knitting this now from the kit that came with CL. I love it, this would be good to make for Christmas presents and include a mug and maybe some coffee or hot chocolate mix to go with it. Thanks, Kristin, this is a fun pattern!

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