Sew A: Felt Skillet Cozy

skilletcozy01Jason’s been goading me for, uh, too long to make a handle cover for our skillet. We’ve seen them at the store and while they aren’t expensive, I can’t stand to spend money on something that I have the supplies lying around for and I know would take about two shakes and a snap to make. Well, it took me almost a year, but I finally made one. And I think it only took one shake and not even a snap to make. Ha. All of 15 minutes including time to photograph.


  • Thick felt – an old knit felted tote in my case, a felted sweater would work too
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors

Step One: Make a template

The important thing here is to make it so it can actually fit over the handle and not get stuck. Most skillets have a taper.

Step Two: Cut out the Felt


 Step Three: Sew it Together


It’s okay if it’s a quick sloppy job. Just place it right sides together and use an obsessive stitch to make sure there’s no gapping.

 Turn it right sides out and give it a whirl:


Until Next Time…