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WIP: Cozy Colorful Plethora of Pillows!

Since we purchased our first piece of grown up furniture I’ve really been wanting to make some pillows for it. Dashes of colors, coziness, and diy goodness. Now that I’ve finished the daybed too, we are in dire need of some extra piles of cozy around here. And I have […]

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Redress: Pillows Part II: Recycled Stuffing Material

Last week I posted about my fight with pillow stuffing and how I’ve gone on a quest to figure out what works best. Shredded Paper Shredded Fleece Plastic Bags All Sorts of stuff – bits of yarn, thread, fleece, paper, and dryer lint. After making 4 small pillows and stuffing […]


Apartment Redress: Woven Scrap Pillow

I’m excited about this project. It’s such a great way to use up scraps – this whole pile was from my “end run” type pieces. And then there is also the fact that it’s the first push towards re-doing the living room area… one area I have yet to tackle. […]


Apartment Redress: Pillow Punch Out

The couch totally needs a redress. I really want to make a slip cover, but wow that’s a huge project. I think I need a baby step first. I want to do something to jazz up this bag boy on bricks (literally, but that is a story for another day […]

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Dynamic Duo

My couch is well, a broken down futon inherited from a friend who got it from a friend and so on. It doesn’t stay in the grooves, so is perpetually sunk in with the bend resting on the floor. When you sit on it your knees can be all the way to your chest (or at least that is how it feels to me anyway). Needless to say it’s okay for sitting cross legged on or on the edge if I’m working on things on my coffee table, but not really just for sitting. My friends avoid it. I don’t blame them. So I need to fix that, or get a new couch, but the latter won’t happen. So the solution? Pillows! I didn’t have enough of the same yarn to make a full knit/crocheted pillow, so I backed them with a sturdy decor fabric. I needed more than just one, so two it is. One is knit and one is crochet.

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Sink into it

Maybe this pattern is coming out of my own end of the semester fatigue. I can think nothing better to do than sink my head into an over stuffed hand made pillow. And yes I’m still on the “what can i do with these strips of fabric” kick. It may […]