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Re-Release:: Zip It!

I have always really liked this pattern because it’s so simple to make. And when you are recycling a skirt for fabric, it uses up that part that is hard keep in tacked. Use a little bit of bias or hem tape or ribbon to cover up the raw edge inside of the clutch and you have one really nice finished clutch in just a few minutes. Perfect.

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Love Bug Clutch

DSC_0015 I have been making quite a few clutches lately for Green Prairie Fibers and from that I wrote up a pattern for Craft Leftovers. Well, I wanted a clutch just for me for my accessories. And I also had all of these great 9” X 9” squares paired up for a kit that ended up not selling. So how do I get a cute clutch for craft accessories out of just 2 small squares of fabric that isn’t just a plain liner and an outer with a zipper.

fabric - journal - patterns & tutorials

Stitch Clutch

Stitch Clutch
Hi ya folks! Success! Well, haha, kind of. No embroidery still, but some stitchy goodness all the same. This clutch was originally inspired by a few different sources. I wanted to create a light weight, thin, lovely gift to feature in Kro Postal for starters. I had a need to use of scraps of fabric that I had laying around. I wanted to try my hand at machine appliqué as well as using the sewing machine to draw. It was so fun to make and even better to give as a gift to a friend who is far away and could use a package of goodies.

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Oopsies and Toofsies


I love my tréo and he loves his iTouch and we are pretty happy using our little gadgets. It’s getting pretty banged up already in my bag. This is an issue that needs some solving. So here we go, a little tréo pocket! Best of all it only takes about 25g of any sport weight yarn! Hooray for using up scraps and half skeins!