Studio Redress: Burst of Color Before and After

Last week I posted about how the back wall in my new studio was dull and devoid of color. I need color. I need patterns. I need a place to pin stuff too. Thank you for all your ideas for jazzing up the space, I mashed most of them together and went with foam core fabric covered panels. It was super easy, only taking an hour from start to finish! 





I took a bunch of pictures about how to make the fabric panels too. You can see them in the flickr photo pool now, but I’m also going to write them up into a proper tutorial for Friday’s post. It’s such a quick easy way to splash some color around I thought you might like to know how. And, even better, if you decide you want the fabric for a project or just a change of color, you can remove the fabric without damaging it. Excellent!

Tomorrow I have really exciting news for you, I want to tell you now… must wait!

I’ll see you tomorrow in the AM, have a great crafty day!


3 thoughts on “Studio Redress: Burst of Color Before and After

  1. Wow, wow! I really -love- how you worked this out! What a great idea! :-) If my studio was bigger, I’d do the same! Eheh! ^-^

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