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Redress: Butterick Dress Part 2


Hopefully this will be the last part before the finishing post. Taking your generous advice, I went with option 3. After thinking about it, the gathers with the gathered fabric would have looked frumpy for sure. I think the nice, straight cotton is perfect. Plus, once I cut it out, the landscape of flowers was just too perfect.

Oh and yes, haha, I’m not surprised if you have some pillowcases like this in your linen closet. This is part of a sheet set I aquired from a thrift store back in DeKalb. I actually used the same fabric on this apron (love it!). And this is the last flat sheet of the set.

I cut out all the pieces and realized I was faced with another dilemma, hidden side seam pockets, or ones in the front.


After puzzling about it for awhile, I decided on both and snipped out the rest of the pattern piece. I’m hoping that once the July CLM is finished, I’ll have time to finish the dress for my road trip on Saturday. Some friends and I are going to Des Moines to Market Day, the Court Street Farmer’s Market, and the Des Moines Art Festival. It will be quite the little adventure.


I do have one problem. The linen, after dyeing and washing, is a wrinkled mess. I tried ironing quite a lot and it still won’t flatten out. After doing a bit of looking around, it’s supposed to come right out if it’s fully damp first. I’ll give it a try and report back. Here is a nice write up on linen care.

I’m really enjoying this clothing sewing kick. Granted I’m not as prolific as some, but I’m pretty happy with the new garment a month pace I’m setting. Have you made any new summer pieces yet this year? Can I see? Send me links in the comments. What’s your latest favorite pattern?

Happy sewing!